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Monday, October 5, 2009

Walker Model Contest: Wraithlord

Hey Everyone, so if you've not heard Hobby Town Dallas is having a model and painting contest, "The Ultimate Walker Contest"

And in the spirit of modeling, supporting the local store and getting around to actually purchasing and modeling up another Wraithlord I decided to get on board with this one. It's in conjuction with the Lucky 13s but as of right now I've only got 1 stamp for that so I'm doing this more for fun then anything else.

The Wraithlords are some of my favorite of the Eldar Models and the fact that you can make them much more dynamic then the old ones helps out alot. The first one I did had a large banner and being stabbed into a Salamanders Dreadnaught. For this one I figured I'd use the left overs of that dreadnaught and have him leaping from it with that sweet Wraithsword to do untold damage to his next victim.

For the first model I ended up doing a bit of greenstuff for the posing but I was able to go without that one this one, 1 reason being that I'm not sure how much time I'll have to spend on it and wanted to get going as fast as possible.

The model took most of Sunday to put together with me ripping the arms off here and there to repose :D

So once the rain dies down up here maybe I can take him out and basecoat him and get started.

And then I'll just need some help decided what chapter that Dread is from ;)

You can see the leaping pose above, I was able to bend the loin cloth pretty easily to make it more dynamic and match the pose.

A shot from the back, sorry for my blurry camera phone. You can see him rearing back getting ready to swing and some of the wire work I did to the missing arms of the dread.

And another fun angle, I'm pretty happy with the way he turned out so far. I went ahead and added both gun mounts to him, won't exactly be following the rules but hell is for a Modeling Contest right ;)

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  1. Looks great! I can't wait to see it painted. Not being sure who your typical opponents are, you can not go wrong with SMurfy blue on the Dread!