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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thoughts of a Gamer: Space Hulk

Hey Guys, yesterday was my first official day of Unemployment and I just found out today will be my last official day of Unemployment. Let's just say the 2 days off is much different then the 5 months it took me to find a job earlier this year.

So as things go when you're unemployed I played some games yesterday, Nick and I opened up his copy of Space Hulk and got to playing yesterday afternoon. Let me just say that the first time you see the price tag you don't think you're going to get everything you paid for, but I just don't think this is the case, that box is fill the the brim with board pieces and models and dice that love my friend.

The shear amount of models in there is well worth the price, and even thought we didn't have a chance to cut them all out the details on what I did thumb threw looked great.

So Nick had already had all the board pieces out and instead of cutting out all the Nids and Marines we used his models from the models he plays. We started off with him playing Space Marines and I playing Nids, the first game was a little slow as we read the rules as we went and I still don't think we have all of those rules right but maybe as we work on it we'll get them.

The first mission was quite a bit of fun, with both of us switching armies, I pulled it off each time once with Nids and Once with Marines. I found that strategy favors the Marines quite a bit more, being able to hold off the genestealers quite easy the flame thrower if used correctly.

After those two games we decided to move on to mission two, this one was quite a bit harder for the nids, as they have a limited number of genestealers they can use before they run out and once this happens the marines win. With over watch the marines can camp a corridor and kill the genestealers long before they reach them.

Over all I found the game to be very fun and can't wait to play again.

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