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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thoughts of a Gamer: Kill Points

Kill Points, to me one of the major changes from when I used to play 3rd to playing 5th. I didn't get a chance to play 4th because of school yeah that whole college thing. Even when I started playing 5th I was still playing Victory Points until I went to a tournament and was on the unfortunate loosing side of an Annihilation game.

I was under the impression that we were playing VPs and towards the end of the game I was very much a clear victory and as I was adding up my VPs he was like what are you doing. Well taht's when I learned we were playing Kill Points and what Kps were. He had evidently designed an army of Orks with only 6 KPs total, I had widdled the Horde down to just a few Boyz left maybe a total of 100 pts while I had at least 500 pts still left on the table. But had lost about 8 Kill Points during the course of the game, mostly the usual sacrificial rhinos for getting those troops up close and personal ;)

Needless to say though I was a little bit upset over the entire event, being under the impression of a clear win and learning that I hadn't even come close. For a couple of months I refused to play KPs completely baffled by the reason why GW had changed there ways. I then started getting on the forums, one of which being warseer, and there were many people speaking about how refreshing KPs were and there use to keep min/maxing (minimum troops maximum heavy weapons) from occuring, not that I know I experienced it. But it must have been a horrible thing to have.

So I decided I'd give it another chance, still feeling like VPs are the more fair version. Over the weekend I played aginst my friend, and Anihilation mission using KPs, during this game I took quite a few casualties, loosing all but one JetLock, Most of my JetBikes and a couple wounded Vehicles with destroyed weapons and the like. But in the end I did not loose a single unit and was able to kill 6 of his, making the game seem considerable more in my favor than his.

In the end I still think that Victory Points have a better representation of the outcome of a game then just Kill Points. I've not experienced the balancing nature yet people speak of about kill points and the objective based games but for me personally I enjoy VPs more.

Friday, June 19, 2009

North Texas Championship Battle Report

The Big Day had arrived and as usual I was there before the doors were even open. Who knew there'd be no traffic at 9 on a Saturday Morning. But after a little bit of waiting and chatting with a couple other guys the doors were opened and we were ready to find out what the missions were.

Mission 1: Was a straight anihilation game but with a twist, night fighting rules determined by 2 D6, it was a 1 and a 4, so we were to have night fighting Turn 1 and 4 which was going to make things very interesting.

Mission 2: Had table quarters deployment, and the objective was to get as many scoring units into your opponents deployment zone as possible, a little rough when all your troops are walking but still do able.

Mission 3: Bunker objectives, with massive Victory Points for controlling your opponents object, a couple points for contesting it, and a few more if you just decided to blow it up. Once again deployment was 15"s with an extra D3 inches.

To see my army list take a look at the earlier post of it here.

* * * * *

Round 1: Eldar vs. Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar Army List -

Punisher, Shadow Field, Combat Drugs, Haywire Grenades, Tormentor Helm, Trophy Rack, Animus Vitae

2 Squads of Warriors x10
Splinter Cannon

2 Squads of Warriors x10
Dark Lance

Warriors x10
Web Way Portal

Mandrakes x9

Wyches x10
Succubus, Agonizer, Trophy Rack

Wyches x9
Succubus, Agonizer, Trophy Rack

Ravager x2
Darklance x3

This was the First Game of the Day, I was very excited, at least until I found out I'd be playing Dark Eldar. Now this would only be my second experience against DE since 3rd edition. And he had pretty much wiped me off the face of the planet at last year 'Ards Boy.

But he's a really nice guy and I am always willing to have a good game. The game started out with me going first, I had layed out my army in a gunline using whatever cover there was, ie a crater and my vehicles.

He layed out his troops leaving his Wyches and Ravagers in reserve. The first turn wasn't very exciting it was night fight and we really did very little damage to each other, other then a couple of lost warriors.

The second turn became more exciting, I was able to scatter laser a warrior squad off the table and began to slowly move my vehicle forward (although I should've been moving my troops back.) During his turn he had a ravager come in and took some pop shots at my tank and shook it.

My next turn found another warrior squad wiped off the map and a destroyed weapon on the ravager, (I ended up forgeting to add +1 to damage table for open top vehicles the entire game) and moved my Wave Serpent to the center of the map to apply pressure while my falcon stayed to the right. During his turn the rest of his vehicles came into play, through the web way he had layed down. He was able to charge with both his witch squads one wiping out a Guardian Defender squad, the other assauting my war walkers and tying them up. He had also revealed his mandrakes and was able to destroy another GD Squad that was housing my GuideSeer.

With turn Four starting I moved my Wraith Lord into position to flame the Mandrakes, I also let the Banshees out of the cage and moved the Falcon up to unleash Fire Dragon Hell. Needless to say the Dragons easily popped a Ravager. The Wraith Lord completely melted the Mandrakes with his dual flamers and lucky for me the Banshees Charged the Archon Wych Squad and was able to detroy it. After my turn my opponents dice took a nose dive (which is where mine had start, failing 3 psycic tests first turn with two perils) He shot and shot and was able to remove another Guardian Squad but did no damage to my Tanks but was able to make the Fire Dragons run. In the Assualt phase the Wyches were able to take out another War Walker still leaving them tied up with the last one.

Turn 5 and the last turn we played because of the time limits, my banshees assaulted the mandrakes and the Wraith Lord went after more Warrior Squads. The Dragons shot but did little damage, then in his turn non of his shots connected and the assaults stayed stale.

In the end it was a very good Game that ended in a Draw, me happy that I didn't get wiped off the board, and I think he enjoyed having a good opponent :D

* * * * *

Game 2 was against the Inquisition, unfortunately I no longer have his army list.

The game was played with Table quarters with a 18' Radius center No Man's Land. In this game he beat me on the deployment roll. He set up his 3 Lemun Russes a couple rhinos a chimera and some heavy weapon squads.

I then laid down my army, trying to stay in cover as much as possible, just something about big blast weapons that scare my Guard Defender Squads. With the army down I rolled a 6 for seize initiative and began moving my troops forward (the objective was to have as many troop units in the other's deployment quarter as possible. With the army moving, I shot and did very little damage other then a couple shaken rhinos. He then went and did even less damage then I, but began moving his vehicles down the long edge of his table.

Turn 2 was also not very exciting, I positioned my Wave Serpent next to the Russes so the Dragons could go after them next and placed my Banshees in the middle of his units, with fortune and a cover save I hoped it'd live. His turn went and he was able to pop the Wave Serpent, fortune and all, it was ok as they passed there pinning test and he had fired everything already and done very minimal damage.

With turn 3 in the works I popped his chimerra with scatter laser fire from the War Walkers, and a lemun russ with the dragons. The Banshees then assaulted his IG Command Squad and the troops that disembarked from the Chimera when it was destroyed, killing them all. It was then his turn, he shot his battle cannons again and once more they failed to really hit there targets, he then melted the banshee squad with his Inquisitor units leaving only the exarch and DoomSeer left. He also was able to assault the WraithLord with his Eviseror Assasin and killed it outright, overall the bloodiest turn I'd taken.

Turn 4 ended up being out last turn, the Dragons were able to destroy another Lemun Russ and the Banshees played havock with his Inqusition squad. The Assasin died to Guardian fire while the War Walkers tried to fire on a squad getting really close to my deployment area but with little luck. At the end of my turn I had one unit of troops in his deployment, and in cover with really only light fire and a Lemun russ to take it out, thinks were looking good. During his turn he managed to kill off the banshees and move a troops unit into my deployment, with us tied it then came down to Kill Points, with me winning out from destroying a couple units, and some vehicles and him only killing the Banshee squad and it's wave serpent.

* * * * *

Game 3 was Against one of my long time friends playing Space Marines, boy was I in for a surprise.

Let me start off by saying I completely and utterly screwed this one up! Lol...

So I got first deployment deployed to the center of the map because I knew he was going to infiltrate most of his army. My first turn goes by, I do a couple random shots at the two heavy weapons he placed on the board and did little damage. He then drop pods a Iron Clad into my ranks and begins frying my guys.

On my second turn I move my tanks to where he dropped so I can unload the dragons the next turn, I shoot everything that has a chance against the dread and fail miserable, I then charge hoping to tie it up and maybe get lucking with my singing spear, nope once again the dice fail me and then my guys run away :( His turn comes and he brings on a rhino which shoots the crap out of one of my other squads, he then charges my War Walkers with his Dread and is able to take all of them out in one swift attack.

The 3rd turn found the dragons melting the dread into a nice little tin can, yay for the eldar! But little else of any effect happened. He then brought the rest of his reserves in, and used a road to his advantage, bringing his Land Raider up 18 inches, jumping out with Khan a Librarian and Assault Termies, he then assaulted the Dragons and my Wraithlord and Khan was able to instant kill the WL with his uber power weapon, (once again I was freaking suprised) Needless to say at this point I was on the loosing side of the battle.

4th turn comes around and I'm able to do a little shooting and take out a termi, banshees are in place for turn 5 assault but the game ends on his turn 4 because of time. In the end I played this one really bad but was able to learn quite a bit from it.

* * * * *

EDIT: So something I completely forgot to mention was the end result :D I tied for second so not to bad, next time I'll come back in full force and um... make sure I don't help my friend out with his army lists at all.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Swordwind's Sheath Background Story

So one of the requirements to receive points for the Tournament was to have a Background story, here's mine.

The Way of War is all the Eldar know, living from world to world, battling for survival itself. It is because of the other races, the Plague of Orks, the Swarms of Tyranids, and the Space Marines led by their false Corpse Emperor that the Eldar have had to wield their vast psychic powers to shape the universe in ways that will allow survival to be sustained for the race.

The Swordwind’s Sheath is one of the backbones of the Biel-Tan army. The assembled Warhost of the Eldar Army, Bahzhakhain, or the Swordwind, often calls upon special units to strike the enemy with surgical precision, or to scout ahead of the host fleet and clear out unforeseen obstacles.

The Sheath’s most recent engagements have demonstrated the skill and determination that make it the backbone of the Bahzhakhain. Farseer Sil’th forsaw the coming of the Tyranids, ravagers of the Craftworld of Iyanden. The Seer and his force placed themselves in the N’Txas sector, standing firmly between the Biel-Tan Craftworld and the Hive Fleet Leviathan. The first of the scout missions approached the planet Da’las, searching for any signs that the Hive was moving out towards its world. There was no indication of the wretched devourer of worlds, but signs of devastation were everywhere.

On the second day of their mission, the Sheath’s scouting contingent ran across the Tau. Outnumbered, the Eldar quickly headed to the refinery for cover. While disabling an enemy tank, they were ambushed by the Kroot, allies of the Tau. With astonishing speed, the Guardians turned and began to fight the new enemy, bravely slaughtering the Kroot as they advanced on the remaining forces. As the Tau’s enemy gained ground, the Kroot quickly realized their luck had faded and fled the field. The Eldar contingent, having sustained many injuries, began making their way back to the main body of the forces.

A mere three days later as they traveled through a ruined city, the Salamander Space Marines dropped from the sky. Somehow the Eldar’s position had been revealed. With the advantage of surprise on the Marine’s side, the Falcon, known as The Blade of Faolchu, was decimated by a single lucky shot. The Burning Lance poured out of the wreck and bravely charged the two Space Marine Dreadnaughts that had entered the field of battle. It was the Dreadnaughts that controlled the field that day. Feeling the psychic energy of their Seer calling out to them and knowing that they could not hold their own, the Sheath retreated from the battle. They carried their wounded as the Space Marines slowly trudged behind.

A day’s journey away from the Webway, they stumbled across an outpost controlled by the Imperial Guard. With rage in their hearts, they assaulted the Guard. Even in the presence of the menacing war machines, the Sheath did not hold back, but released all their anger and cleansed the planet of the imperial garrison.

Enemies vanquished, the Eldar left through the Webway to seek out the threat that Farseer Sil’th had foretold.

* * * * *

Farseer Sil’th once again began to pick up psychic traces of the Hive, during the battle on D’las, against the Salamanders. The Seer tried to summon the scouting contingent, but it was too late. In his absence, the Dead Emperor of the Space Marines was able to gain an upper hand and ambushed his squadron of scouts.

Upon arrival of the remaining scouts, Sil’th directed the war band to the Planet of Arli’gton. Once again the scout regiment was sent in to find the Hive infestation. While approaching a small village in the trees, the Eldar came across an Ork raiding party. Ork truckz screamed forward with a roar of anticipation to slaughter the Eldar. The scout contingent took up a defensive position in the woods and, with a scatter of lasers, The Battle’s Blur made quick work of the Orks. The Orks had received their wish: the ground was painted with blood. But rather than Eldar blood, it was Ork blood that seeped into the stony ground that day.

On the wings of a solid victory, the group continued to move forward, away from the Webway. Farseer Sil’th directed them to take and hold a tower, as it would be pivotal for the future success of the Eldar. Always the spoilers, the Space Marines showed up once again in pursuit of the same objective. With their speed, the Contingent was able to quickly take the tower. Finding themselves in a defensive position, they bravely fought off the marines, trading blow for blow until the very end.

With the tower secured, it was time for the scouting mission to continue. After moving past the objective, the contingent was confronted by the enemy, but this time it was as the Seer Sil’th foretold. The Tyranids had arrived, led by three Zoanthropes bursting with psychic energy. The lead Zoanthrope entered a tower that was quickly surrounded by the rest of the horde of Nids. Quickly the Blade of Faolchue screamed up to the tower as the Burning Lance leapt out and reduced the tower to ashes with their powerful weapons. In but a moment, the Nid’s leader was slain and the rest of the swarm was mowed down. The Eldar were then ambushed by a contingency of Genestealers, however, because the Seer Sil’th had been guiding them from afar, they knew of the impending attack and were quickly able to decimate the enemy.

* * * * *

After the Defeat of their enemies, Farseer Sil’th looked into the future and saw that their presence in Arli’gton was no longer needed, but rather, that a new battle was going to begin on the planet of Hoby T’wn. It is there that the Swordwind’s Sheath will bring its army to bear in Force, led by Farseer Sil’th himself.

The Swordwind’s Sheath is comprised of a specialized group specifically created to deal with enemies on all fronts.

Farseer Sil’th leads the Swordwind’s Sheath. Over the centuries it has been Sil’th who has guided the Sheath of Beil-Tan in many a countless battle against all who would oppose the Eldar. Many have found themselves as victims of his Psychic powers, particularly the green-skinned Orks who have threatened the worlds of the Exodite Eldar. Being a true follower of the ways of Beil-Tan, Sil’th and his forces have made quick work of any who have tread on the new worlds of the Eldar. It is because of Sil’th and the Beil-Tan that the forces of the False Emperor and others have pleaded for their lives at the end of a spear.

Farseer Gali’lucus is often seen with Seer Sil’th on the battlefield. Together with Sil’th, he controls the battlefield and molds circumstance in favor of the Sword. His uncanny ability to guide his host through any situation has brought him and his forces through more than one impossible situation.

The Crimson Scream is a Howling Banshee squad whose screams have been heard across the Galaxy. On the field of battle, the enemy cowers beneath screams that echo through the field, growing closer and closer, reverberating off the terrain. Fear begins to boil in their veins until they are paralyzed by terror and cut down before they can react.

The Burning Lance is a much feared and respected Fire Dragon team. It is known for moving up close and melting tanks into scrap metal, then advancing even closer to watch the color drain from the faces of the enemy as they become awashed in flames. The Lance is especially known to follow their namesake, the dragon of Eldar myth, and strike with even more ferocity.

Isha’s Tear is a Squad of Guardian Defenders led by Farseer Gali’lucus, under whose direction they have never seen defeat. As part of the main body of the force, Isha’s Tear and Gali’lucus have taken and held worlds from the plundering of the other lesser races.

Heaven’s Defenders are a strong Guardian Defender Squad that has been the backbone of the Sheath ever since its creation. The Defenders follow the wisdom of Asuryan the Phoenix King, learning from his actions during The War in Heaven. Because the Lord was able to stay lord over all the gods, they know that it is only through precision tactics, and clear thinking, that they will be able to consistently find, capture, and hold any and all objectives.

Vaul’s Wrath is a Guardian Defender Squad that is called upon in times of need. It was this squad that ruthlessly defeated the False Emporer’s Inquisitors at System P’ano. With the strength of their Lasers they were able to mow down Squads of troops, and keep the War Machines at bay.

The Blade of Faolchu, a Falcon that was designed around the mighty sword of Vaul, has been around for centuries, utilizing a blend of transport and powerful pulse laser to strike the fear of the Biel-Tan warhost into the Eldar’s enemies. Through countless battles, The Blade of Faolchu and The Burning Lance have morphed into almost a single mind, able to use the strengths of both to make the other races fall to their knees.

The Battle’s Blur is a War Walker known for the swift and extreme firepower that it brings to the heat of the battle. Named for the shimmer shield that surrounds the vehicle, it is able to move through fields of combat easily without being seen until it opens up with a barrage of shots that tear through most units and leave them fleeing the battlefield. The Battle’s Blur is often the Sheath’s heavy support and is able to turn the tide of war time after time.

Kurnous, a Wraithlord construct, has been called upon time and time again. It is piloted by the spirits of Eldar from ages past. Spirits are never asked to serve twice out of respect for the fallen, but those who do serve are revered by the warriors of the Swordwind’s Sheath.

The Final Paint Job

So with the army decided, and models bought (although painfully) It was time to paint everything. Easier said then done of course and it ended up taking all the way up to the night before the Tournament, I know I know, that's how it always goes. Well here's the photos, I hope you like them :D

Building the North Texas Army

So after winning the Arlington Event, and being told that I could not play in any of the other Combat Patrols (I know sad times) but knowing that there was going to be quite a bit of stiff competition I figured it was time to do some play tests and figure out what I was going to need to buy, build and paint. Here's the Army List that I finally settled on, with a bit of help from the great people at Warseer.

Farseer - 133pts
Spirit Stone, Fortune, Doom, Singing Spear
(Riding with Banshees)

Farseer - 90pts
Guide, Witchblade, Runes of Warding

Fire Dragons x5 - 113pts
Exarch x1
Fire Pike, Crack Shock (I hate Dreadnaughts in Cover)
(Riding Falcon)

Howling Banshees x8 - 281pts
Exarch x1
Executioner, Acrobatic, WarShout (people always fail that ld10 roll when they need it most, I know I do :P)
Wave Serpent
Spirit Stone, TL Shuriken Can, TL Shuriken Cat

Guardian Defender Squad x10 - 128 pts
Scatter Laser
Embolden, Singing Spear

Guardian Defender Squad x10 - 125 pts
Scatter Laser
Embolden, Wraitsword

Guardian Defender Squad x10 - 125 pts
Scatter Laser
Embolden, Wraitsword

~Heavy Support~
Falcon - 165 pts
Spirit Stones, Holofields, Pulse Laser, Shuriken Cannon, TL Shuriken Catapult

Wraithlord - 155 pts
Flamer x2, EML, Brightlance

War Walkers x3 - 180 pts
Scatter Laser x2 each

Total Points - 1,500
Models - 56

Before North Texas Championship

Ok, so I had been asked after the Tournament on Saturday (June 13th) to post up my Armies Background and Flavor Text.

With the request made I figured I would also throw up some pictures and figured if I'm going to go through all the work to do this, I might as well make something that I can easily update along the way for the tournaments and events to come.

So a little History First, back in late December I started collecting my Eldar Army, starting with quite a few 3rd pieces from back in the day when me and my friend used to play. After walking into Lone Star Dallas back in January I found out about the Combat Patrol Tournaments I figured it'd be great to be a first run and a way to get started into my Eldar Army.

The First tournament was in Dallas and was Quite a bit of fun, but I found out quickly that it was more then just building an army and playing, it was about painting, a background story, and sportmanship.

After getting the Murphy's Luck award (for my falcon dieing from the first holo-field test) I decided that next time I played I'd be prepared.

That's when I signed up for the Arlington Combat Patrol Tournament, with a new Display Board, freshly painted models, and a story I was able to win every round and was awarded Over Champion, making me eligible to play in the June 13th tournament of 1,500 pts.