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Thursday, February 17, 2011

40ks Most Expensive Unit

For those who don't know the Dark Eldar second wave is out for pre-order and it's full of beasts. These guys look amazing and I'd love to run a pack of these an army. But then I started looking at the price tag and was blown away. This could vary well be the most expensive unit to purchase for it's point value. Let's check by comparing it to other GW Models..

  • Land Raider - 250pts - $62 - 24.8 cents a point
  • SM 5 man Tactical Squad with Rhino - 125 pts - 44.4 cents a point
  • Valkyrie - 100pts - $62 - 62 cents a point
  • Eldar Jetbikes - 66pts - $45 - 68 cents a point
  • WarWalker - 40pts - $30 - 75 cents a point
  • Beast Master and 5 Khymerae - 72pts - $85 - $1.18 a point
I'm not sure about you, but at that rate a Dark Eldar army can get expensive real fast. What other units break the $1 a point mark? Do you think about cost vs points when you build your armies?


  1. That's incredible! I thought the bloodknights were bad at $75 for five, but who the hell do they think is going to by a very cheap unit for that price?

    Are there any dark eldar players who wouldn't rather use chaos warhounds or undead wolves from fantasy?

    I know that GW is having financial troubles, but I can't imagine this is the solution...

  2. $1 per point is rough.. I can't think of anything that insane, but the Tyranid codex comes close with alot of options: 'stealers, Pyrovores, biovores. Technically, you could say Ripper Swarms are more expensive (since you only get them in boxes with larger creatures, and then not even to make a solid swarm).

  3. Forgeworld and stuff you have to scratch built or convert costs more. My Chaos Lord for last year's Astro Vancouver had to cost over 100 dollars in models, so that is close to a dollar a point, but what about dollars per wounds, that is something 33 dollars or more per wound.

    I have extra terminator bits, but still, it was an expensive conversion for being used in something like six games.

  4. Interesting, Mike. I have never thought to even look at a cost/point comparison, but it is certainly interesting to see what unit cost is. I know 40K is not a cheap hobby (and with an 11 year old with new found 40K dreams of his own it's getting more so for me).

    Muskie makes a good point, though, looking at dollars/wound. I think a full blown study of that would be eye opening. Just thinking of my BT army, Terminators (CC or regular): $10/wound. Initiates: $3.73/wound. Financially it makes more sense for me to just run a horde of initiates in Rhinos/Razorbacks rather than Terminators/LRC's.

    I think I just found a way to kill a weekend...