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Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Rumored Grey Knights Leaked Codex

If you've not heard about it, then this will be news to you. There happens to be something people are calling the leaked Grey Knights codex. Now I'm not going to say if you click the picture above you'll find it, but I'm not saying you won't either ;) I'm not even saying if you found something it would actually be a leaked Grey Knights codex, it could just be a fan-dex or something else... who knows what you might find.


  1. This is a leaked version of the Grey Knights codex. However, it is the playtesters version which circulated about a year ago.

    If you read through it, you'll note certain units do not have the special rules they would normally be associated with. You'll find them penciled in.

    Once with Dice Like Thunder and twice now with The Eternal Warriors, we've received this very same upload.

    It is mostly accurate though. Have fun playing through it.

  2. Best write up ever. I was actually looking for a pony.. damn.