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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Played Hordes

A while back I traded some old 3rd ed Rhinos for a Battle Box of Legion of Everblight, the Card Deck and a couple other models.  They've been sitting in the closet for a couple months and then last night I made plans to learn to play the game and try it out. 

Let me start by saying, I really enjoyed it.  While it was quite funny looking down at the table and seeing only 6 models in front of me, it was funnier seeing my friend there with 3.  But it was a starter game and we were learning at the basic points level.

I was surprised by how much went into such a small game, the damage charts for Warbeasts was very interesting and having to do all your actions with each character at a time took a little getting used to.  I won the first game against Circle, but I did have 3 other friends helping me out, laughing if I was on my way to make a horrible mistake.

The second game I played against a Warmachine army to see what the difference in play was.  I couldn't tell much other then they shell out their Focus points in the beginning which seems like a little bit of a pain, but that's their problem.  I ended up losing because I can't read cards, and was one shotted to the head, woops.

The third and last game, I was actually getting pretty comfortable with the game, and other then the odd rules question here and there I played on my own against my friend's Circle army again and was able to eat his Warbeasts one at a time and take down his Warlock.

Through out all of this I found my self really enjoying and wanting to play the game more.  I even ended up buying some nice hard card sleeves for my cards and Seraph.  I also ordered a couple more cards for the minis I already have that are missing there.

Tonight I'll start building my Battle Box, so it's not in pieces when I play again, and you can look forward to my progress on that.

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