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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Astronomi-con Dallas 2012 Results

Battle Results
Astronomi-con Dallas 2012

Game 1 vs Zachary K. Sisters of Battle - Urban Sprawl

A fun scenario that I had the chance to play in the last Astro.  The objective of the mission was to clear buildings by having a scoring unit in it at the end of any game turn with no enemy forces to contest it.  

 Zach won the first turn, and I reserved everything following my themed force.  Zach used the first two turns to obtain 5 buildings putting him at 5 objectives ahead of me before I started to come on the board.  My Turn 2 saw a couple units Deep Strike in on the right flank clearing out and obtaining 2 buildings for myself.  Leaving the score Zach 3 vs 2.

As more units came in I pushed the right flank very hard taking advantage of his forces being spread out from his initial push in clearing out the buildings.  My units continued to push back Zach's forces on the flank through the game with my callidus assassin making harrassing attacks in the center of his forces keeping his forces from concentrating on the front line.

In the end I won the mission having cleared out many of the buildings leaving him with 2.

Game 2 vs David C. Grey Knights - Supply and Command

I believe I played this scenario last year as well against the green bikes Clay brought up.  In this mission there are six objectives that can be picked up and carried by your units.  Whoever ends with the most objectives wins.

I won and took the first turn, and was forced to deploy 2 units and chose a strike squad and the dreadknight.  Everything else was left in reserves to follow my themed deep strike force.  On my first turn, I took advantage of having units in play and grabbed 3 objectives.

This was a very hard fought battle, as me and David were shooting the *expunged* out of each other through the game.  For most of the game I managed to hold onto my objects and take the right flank as David's forces came in on the left table side and began shooting down my forces.  At the end of turn four David was able to wipe out my unit holding 2 objectives.  This put him in for the win, with only 15 minutes left we made the decision to continue playing and I was able to grab two additional objectives within walking distance and he was not able to take out those units.

In the end I won the mission 3 to 2 on objectives.

Game 3 vs Brain E. Chaos Space Marines - Hammer & Ambull

This mission was a straight victory points mission with the difference of having 3 Ambulls that would come in play at the end of the round from the center of the board and scatter and attack anyone they came in contact with.

Brian ended up castling on the right flank on his board edge and waited for my army to deep strike in.  On his turn 2 he pops smoke on everything and waits for me.  I ended up having my Storm Raven and a Strike Squad come in and shoot at his forces, destroying a battle cannon and stunning a dreadnaught.  He quickly took retribution by killing 7 strike squad members with a battle cannon and charging the purifiers with a defiler.  With them stuck in combat they would quickly be eating during the next round.  

Fortunately an Ambull came into play and assaulted my purifiers creating a out of sequence combat with the defiler, in which I was lucky enough to destroy the defiler and ambull and have the squad ready for the next round.

The squad then took down his commanding daemon prince and I had other units come into play taking the right flank with the dreadknight.  During the rest of the game with had multiple exchanges of shooting and combat, but the dreadnight proceeded to walk through his diminished units.

In the end I won the mission with only 3 noise marines left on the table.

Game 4 vs John C. Space Wolves - Err Supply

This mission was quite interesting as the 3 objectives did not come into play until the second turn, and scattered 2d6 x 3 from the center of the board.

I ended up winning the roll off for this game and gave it to John so that I would be able to have advantage of having the last turn to capture or contest objectives.  John proceeded to deploy his wolf lords near the center of the board.  During his next two turns he drop pods his grey hunters and wolf guard towards the center of the board and brings a rhino onto his objective on the right flank.

On my second turn I was lucky enough to have everything but my five man interceptor squad come into play.  I was able to take advantage of this and concentrated all of my forces on his center squads and wolf lords doing extreme damage to all of them.  John then proceeded to assault me, which I was able to withstand and countered by killing off his lords.

From there it was a matter of slowly moving my forces to maintain control of my two objectives that I had deep striked onto and to contest his.  We went back and force in contesting objectives but I had the advantage of having more forces on the table.

In the end I won with 2 objectives and contesting the last.

Game 5 vs Eric S. Dark Eldar - Midnight Patrol

I was pretty worried about this mission as it was a Victory Points mission with night fighting the entire game.

Eric ended up getting first turn, and deploys a warrior unit on the right flank while I was forced to deploy a strike squad on the left flank.  Eric gets two units from reserves on the first turn a two wych squads one with one of his lords.  He then moves 30 inches forward towards my strike squad.

My first turn sees my Storm Raven, Dreadknight and Callidus come into play.  I was very fortunate in this as I was able to destroy the lords transport and shoot and assault it to death while doing damage to the other raider and warrior squad unit.

Through the rest of the game I ended up getting my other reserves in, in a timely fashion while the Dark Eldar dribbled in and I was able to taken them on with massive firepower and assaults from the Purifiers. 

In the end I won this mission with there only being a ravager left in play.

Game 6 vs Eugene H. Necrons - Divide & Conquer

This was a standard victory points mission with diagonal deployment zones.  Eugene won the roll and gave me first turn.  I held everything in reserves for deep strike as I had done with all other matches to continue the theme of the list.

Eugene ended up attempting and stealing the initiative which I later told him was a mistake as it took a full round of shooting away from his army.  Through his first two turns he didn't move which made for a really fast start to the game.  I then brought in my Stormraven and a Strike Squad.  With the stormraven taking out a squad of immortals and a cryptic. 

Through the game my forces came in, just in shooting range and staying out of range of the majority of his army.  They proceeded to destroy his army down slowly, and moving forward to get into range of new units.

In the end I won this mission also at the end of turn 5.

Overall I had a great time with every match.  I think the uniqueness of the army in that it was completely deep striking helped to throw some people off and I had some good luck on my side at pivotal moments.  I've got to say that all the missions were a lot more fun this year as I was prepared for the experience and I can't wait to do it again.

Tournament Results
Michael S. - Best Overall - Army list
Billy P. - 2nd Overall
Eric S. was 3rd Best Overall (I believe)

Matt M. - Best Sport

Billy P. - Best Army

Eric S. - Best Army List w/ a freaky head!

Brian E. - Best General

Jackson - Best Single Model

John C - Best Terrain

I'll update the results if I got any of them wrong or when the Astro guys put up the official list.  I'm also going to spend some time and do full battle reports for all the games.


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