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Friday, June 19, 2009

North Texas Championship Battle Report

The Big Day had arrived and as usual I was there before the doors were even open. Who knew there'd be no traffic at 9 on a Saturday Morning. But after a little bit of waiting and chatting with a couple other guys the doors were opened and we were ready to find out what the missions were.

Mission 1: Was a straight anihilation game but with a twist, night fighting rules determined by 2 D6, it was a 1 and a 4, so we were to have night fighting Turn 1 and 4 which was going to make things very interesting.

Mission 2: Had table quarters deployment, and the objective was to get as many scoring units into your opponents deployment zone as possible, a little rough when all your troops are walking but still do able.

Mission 3: Bunker objectives, with massive Victory Points for controlling your opponents object, a couple points for contesting it, and a few more if you just decided to blow it up. Once again deployment was 15"s with an extra D3 inches.

To see my army list take a look at the earlier post of it here.

* * * * *

Round 1: Eldar vs. Dark Eldar

Dark Eldar Army List -

Punisher, Shadow Field, Combat Drugs, Haywire Grenades, Tormentor Helm, Trophy Rack, Animus Vitae

2 Squads of Warriors x10
Splinter Cannon

2 Squads of Warriors x10
Dark Lance

Warriors x10
Web Way Portal

Mandrakes x9

Wyches x10
Succubus, Agonizer, Trophy Rack

Wyches x9
Succubus, Agonizer, Trophy Rack

Ravager x2
Darklance x3

This was the First Game of the Day, I was very excited, at least until I found out I'd be playing Dark Eldar. Now this would only be my second experience against DE since 3rd edition. And he had pretty much wiped me off the face of the planet at last year 'Ards Boy.

But he's a really nice guy and I am always willing to have a good game. The game started out with me going first, I had layed out my army in a gunline using whatever cover there was, ie a crater and my vehicles.

He layed out his troops leaving his Wyches and Ravagers in reserve. The first turn wasn't very exciting it was night fight and we really did very little damage to each other, other then a couple of lost warriors.

The second turn became more exciting, I was able to scatter laser a warrior squad off the table and began to slowly move my vehicle forward (although I should've been moving my troops back.) During his turn he had a ravager come in and took some pop shots at my tank and shook it.

My next turn found another warrior squad wiped off the map and a destroyed weapon on the ravager, (I ended up forgeting to add +1 to damage table for open top vehicles the entire game) and moved my Wave Serpent to the center of the map to apply pressure while my falcon stayed to the right. During his turn the rest of his vehicles came into play, through the web way he had layed down. He was able to charge with both his witch squads one wiping out a Guardian Defender squad, the other assauting my war walkers and tying them up. He had also revealed his mandrakes and was able to destroy another GD Squad that was housing my GuideSeer.

With turn Four starting I moved my Wraith Lord into position to flame the Mandrakes, I also let the Banshees out of the cage and moved the Falcon up to unleash Fire Dragon Hell. Needless to say the Dragons easily popped a Ravager. The Wraith Lord completely melted the Mandrakes with his dual flamers and lucky for me the Banshees Charged the Archon Wych Squad and was able to detroy it. After my turn my opponents dice took a nose dive (which is where mine had start, failing 3 psycic tests first turn with two perils) He shot and shot and was able to remove another Guardian Squad but did no damage to my Tanks but was able to make the Fire Dragons run. In the Assualt phase the Wyches were able to take out another War Walker still leaving them tied up with the last one.

Turn 5 and the last turn we played because of the time limits, my banshees assaulted the mandrakes and the Wraith Lord went after more Warrior Squads. The Dragons shot but did little damage, then in his turn non of his shots connected and the assaults stayed stale.

In the end it was a very good Game that ended in a Draw, me happy that I didn't get wiped off the board, and I think he enjoyed having a good opponent :D

* * * * *

Game 2 was against the Inquisition, unfortunately I no longer have his army list.

The game was played with Table quarters with a 18' Radius center No Man's Land. In this game he beat me on the deployment roll. He set up his 3 Lemun Russes a couple rhinos a chimera and some heavy weapon squads.

I then laid down my army, trying to stay in cover as much as possible, just something about big blast weapons that scare my Guard Defender Squads. With the army down I rolled a 6 for seize initiative and began moving my troops forward (the objective was to have as many troop units in the other's deployment quarter as possible. With the army moving, I shot and did very little damage other then a couple shaken rhinos. He then went and did even less damage then I, but began moving his vehicles down the long edge of his table.

Turn 2 was also not very exciting, I positioned my Wave Serpent next to the Russes so the Dragons could go after them next and placed my Banshees in the middle of his units, with fortune and a cover save I hoped it'd live. His turn went and he was able to pop the Wave Serpent, fortune and all, it was ok as they passed there pinning test and he had fired everything already and done very minimal damage.

With turn 3 in the works I popped his chimerra with scatter laser fire from the War Walkers, and a lemun russ with the dragons. The Banshees then assaulted his IG Command Squad and the troops that disembarked from the Chimera when it was destroyed, killing them all. It was then his turn, he shot his battle cannons again and once more they failed to really hit there targets, he then melted the banshee squad with his Inquisitor units leaving only the exarch and DoomSeer left. He also was able to assault the WraithLord with his Eviseror Assasin and killed it outright, overall the bloodiest turn I'd taken.

Turn 4 ended up being out last turn, the Dragons were able to destroy another Lemun Russ and the Banshees played havock with his Inqusition squad. The Assasin died to Guardian fire while the War Walkers tried to fire on a squad getting really close to my deployment area but with little luck. At the end of my turn I had one unit of troops in his deployment, and in cover with really only light fire and a Lemun russ to take it out, thinks were looking good. During his turn he managed to kill off the banshees and move a troops unit into my deployment, with us tied it then came down to Kill Points, with me winning out from destroying a couple units, and some vehicles and him only killing the Banshee squad and it's wave serpent.

* * * * *

Game 3 was Against one of my long time friends playing Space Marines, boy was I in for a surprise.

Let me start off by saying I completely and utterly screwed this one up! Lol...

So I got first deployment deployed to the center of the map because I knew he was going to infiltrate most of his army. My first turn goes by, I do a couple random shots at the two heavy weapons he placed on the board and did little damage. He then drop pods a Iron Clad into my ranks and begins frying my guys.

On my second turn I move my tanks to where he dropped so I can unload the dragons the next turn, I shoot everything that has a chance against the dread and fail miserable, I then charge hoping to tie it up and maybe get lucking with my singing spear, nope once again the dice fail me and then my guys run away :( His turn comes and he brings on a rhino which shoots the crap out of one of my other squads, he then charges my War Walkers with his Dread and is able to take all of them out in one swift attack.

The 3rd turn found the dragons melting the dread into a nice little tin can, yay for the eldar! But little else of any effect happened. He then brought the rest of his reserves in, and used a road to his advantage, bringing his Land Raider up 18 inches, jumping out with Khan a Librarian and Assault Termies, he then assaulted the Dragons and my Wraithlord and Khan was able to instant kill the WL with his uber power weapon, (once again I was freaking suprised) Needless to say at this point I was on the loosing side of the battle.

4th turn comes around and I'm able to do a little shooting and take out a termi, banshees are in place for turn 5 assault but the game ends on his turn 4 because of time. In the end I played this one really bad but was able to learn quite a bit from it.

* * * * *

EDIT: So something I completely forgot to mention was the end result :D I tied for second so not to bad, next time I'll come back in full force and um... make sure I don't help my friend out with his army lists at all.


  1. Dweomer/Dverning here... Glad to hear you had fun and learned from it. You also went up agaisnt some VERY strong armies. Land Raider/Khan/roads is a very dangerous combination.

    Sounds like you were also pressed for time. It happens. Do you know how you did overall?

  2. Yeah, sorry I tied for second overall, and was just two points behind my friend 31-33 overall points being judge on painting, army lists/background, generalship, and sportmanship. I think it came down to if I had tied with them I would've won. Even though he'd be a 2-1-0 and I'd be 1-2-0 because of all the other points involved :D

    But yeah, it was alot of fun and I'm waiting for my new models to come in so I can start painting hehe :D