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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jetbike Council: Part 1

So I just wanted to share a couple pictures of the start of the Jet Council. These are images of the 3 Warlocks that will be fielding with Singing Spears and Embolden Psychic Power. The reason I'm making them different is because I felt it'd be easier to keep up with them and wound allocation and all those fun things. The Spear comes from the High Elf Chariots and the Body and Head come from the High Elf Archers.

Here's two more Pictures :D

Oh Sorry about the Crappy Camera Phone Pictures, but that's all I had on me tonight :D


  1. The banners are a great Idea!!!


  2. Nice.

    Those pictures are pretty good considering, and I love the banners.

    I can't tell from the pictures, but how are the bikers controlling their bikes? I assume both hands are filled with the banner and spear.

  3. Okay, I have to dissent and say I dislike the banners. Historically that banner style was more common for infantry. It would create a ton of drag... I think you'd be much better served by placing them attached to the stanchion with a 90 degree rotation along the x and z axis. (Translated, attach the banner to the pole so that it flows back and faces side to side, rather than facing forward.)

    Also, did you magnetize the spear arms? Do that and do the same to a sword arm and you can mix up their wargear on the fly...

  4. Well I figured they'd use their psychic power to steer :D

    They could also use that power to drop the drag down a bit. I thought about turning them around and might still do that, we'll see. The way they're modeled at the moment they could be just sitting there showing there colors :D

    As for magnets no... ran out of the small ones and the others I have are to big, if need be I'll redo them later and just touch up the paint.