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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jetbike Council: Part 2

Hey Everyone, so last night, well pretty much all of yesterday I spent a lot of time working on the rest of the Jet Council. It was a lot of fun, if a little stressful trying to get new arms and weapons to fits guys they were never meant to fit.

Up above is my Farseer Conversion. I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. It has parts from a metal Farseer (the one with the staff) a Jetbike and it's rider, and the High Elf's Mage on a Horse. Let me just say that it worked pretty good, but I ended up having to cut the mage's feet off and replace them with the original riders feet. I was also planning on having original Farseer Staff, but the issue with this is the other arm does not easily come off the model, and by easily I mean I'd have to cut it off. So I opted for the Mage's staff and then did some extra converting with the other hand and arm. I'm please with the way it came out, and can't wait to paint it. Although I did have to green stuff him to the bike, where with all the other models I they can still come off the bike for easier painting, oh well.

Here's an image of the Jetbike Council, as you can see all of them are converted except for the Autarch :D (which was a bit of a nice change, lol)

And another Picture.

Here's an image of the Jetlock with Enhance, his banner I believe came from a Chaos Fantasy model, it's hard to tell now after all the little bits that I was picking up for these conversions ;)

Here are some images of the Jetlocks with Destructor, one of them has a wraith sword, taken from the High Elf Archers box, and the others have Singing Spears, which came from the High Elf Chariot box.

Well that's the work on the building and converting part. I'm going to build the last Fire Prism I need tomorrow and then get to painting so I'll post up some progress along the way.

And once again sorry for my cell phone pics, one of these days I'll get un-lazy and pull out a real camera (it's just emailing them to myself is so convenient, lol)


  1. Very nice looking. I can't wait to see the painted results.

  2. I like the guy with the banner, nice job.

  3. They look like little He Mans! haha, time to step it up son!

  4. Looking decent there. Hrm... does this mean I have to show mine when I get around to them?

  5. Thanks Guys, Got a little lazy last night and only made it halfway through the Fire Prism Build (such a pain having to paint it before you build it, lol)

    But yeah Dverning, we need to see your stuff too ;)

  6. Hello, I love these conversions. I have my very own Jetbike council in the painting phase at present, and they're pretty much glorified Shining spears, with some wood elf parts - nothing on par with your beautiful pieces. Fantastic stuff!

    Iggy - swordofvaul.blogspot.com