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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BoLSCon 2009: Day 2

So once again I started the day facing the dreaded Imperial Guard, I swear they had it in for me, and for what? I hadn't done anything to them. Hell the Swordwind's Sheath had never faced them before ;)

But alas the might and numbers of their guns overwhelmed me, that and time. I made one really bad move at the end of game 4 thinking we would play through turn 5. If I had not made the move I would've tied up the match, and if turn 5 had come around a 50/50 chance of pulling this one off but I alas the guns scared me into moving a little further back out of range and the rest is history.

With the first game a loss, I went on to play a Pre-Heresy Chaos army. I really did enjoy this game, and he ended up receiving best sportsmanship for the tournament. He was playing with Abaddon with 4 assaulty Termies, 3 Rhinos of 10 Man Spacemarines with Mark of Khorne and 3 Squads of Daemons.

It was a capture and control match and I knew he needed to get to me, so I proceded to send in the sacrificial dragons to keep that Land Raider far far away. From there I popped his Rhinos and then slowly moved my forces in for the kill using a Wave Serpent at the End of my Turn 5 to Contest the objective. It was a solid win and a fun game.

Then it was down to the last game, and Nick asked me what was the worst thing that could happen. "I'm facing IG again?" He just shook his head and I realized we'd be playing each other at yet another tournament, during the final game, 6th table from the top... The Swordwind's Sheath was Ready to Exact revenge for their fallen brethren during the North Texas Champion Ship Campaign.

This was a tricky mission, 6 objectives and at the end of each turn they had a chance of disapearing on a roll of a 6, if you had a scoring unit on it, you would get to keep the objective, the unit would disapear and deep strike the next turn. Talk about whoa...

So instead of doing the usual reserve everything move I do against Nick, I fielded my entire army so as to have scoring units on the board for those objectives. It was a very intense game, with a bit of argueing that comes from friends, and a rediculous demand from him, after he let me make my Jetbike Assault move after he had started his turn, but before he had begun moving or deploying, (I won't go into it but it did make me a bit upset) but in the end I ended up getting full points off the game. It was fun, and I think me and him just need to try to play more for fun against each other then to smash each other's face in.

So that was it for Day 2, They havn't released the final rankings yet but I'll let you know how i did, I'm also going to write up a couple battle reports, 3 of the 4 games we're pretty interesting, even the loss on the second day to the IG so expect those either tonight or later in the week. :D


  1. I spent this entire weekend having random "I could be at BoLSCon right now..." thoughts. Thanks for a little vicarious enjoyment. Nice pics and summaries.

    Looking forward to your battle reports, final ranking, and any other tidbits.

  2. Thanks :D You should've come down, it was a lot of fun, maybe you can make it next year. I'm working on battle reports now, prolly get one a day done, but I don't have the hang of vassal yet (maybe you could make a tutorial ;) )