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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BoLSCon 2009: Mission 4 - Purple Rain

Mission 4 - Battle Report against Space Marines

Deployment : Spearhead, Random Game Length, Night Fight Turn 3 and 4

Primary - Seize Ground 5 Objectives
Secondary - Kill all of your opponents HQs
Tertiary - Have units in the most terrain features
Modifiers - Each force organization slot you destroy is worth 1 bonus point.

Ok, so I was going to use Vassal to show the turn by turn moves, but unfortunantly I've never used it before, and my current learning curve on little sleep is making it very hard for me not to get frustrated with the program :D

So instead I'll give you the narrative version, I'll try to keep it short but interesting.

Deployments: As usual my opponent rolled and was able to go first, this wasn't that big of a deal for me as going second actually gives me a better chance at contesting objectives. He deployed most of his force but held back a Demolisher and His Librarian and Assault Marines. With a 12" deployment he was able to sit on one of the objectives and was in good position to take the other 2 with 10 man marine squads in rhinos.

My deployment consisted of me keeping everything in reserves. I felt it would be best to to take advantage of the turn 3 and 4 night fight rules. By this I mean I would be able to enter the game on turn 2 with my reserves, do some shooting and hopefully knock out some transports or units and then he would have to try to shoot me using the night fight rules the next two turns. Allowing me plenty of time to manuever into place.

Turn 1:
Marines: He drops his Dreadnaught on the objective closest to me and moves his rhinos to the objectives.

Eldar: I smile and say done :D

Turn 2:
Marines: He rolls for reserves and brings his Demolisher on board to my right, trying to help out the 2 marine squads now sitting on objectives. He then gives me the evil eye and it's now my turn.

Eldar: I roll for reserves, getting everything except a Fire Prism, Falcon, and Jetbike Squad. As I'm setting up my opponent asked me if I wanted a beer, oh he's getting a Great! for sportsmanship :D So I do the sensible thing here I fly one Wave Serpent up and drop off the Dragons to take out the Dreadnaught on my left. I let the council wreck the Dreadnaught Drop Pod next to my left.

I then run my other Dragon Squad up the right side of the table to contend with the Demolisher. I fly my Falcons in and keep one in the center back and one center right to stay away from approaching Assault Bikes on the left. I also put my JetGuardians towards the right to start popping off shots at the rhinos.

I ended up shaking both rhinos, not to bad for first round of shooting, especially with the Dread and Drop Pod gone off my home objective.

Turn 3: Night Fight
Marines: He Rolled Reserves and was able to get his Assuault and Shooty Termies into play. The shooty termies Deep Striked next to the right most Dragon Serpent to try to take it down, while the Assault Termies and Librarian went into his back field. (He later told me this was because I had way to many thing to shoot at him) With reserves deployed he decided to move up with left Demolisher but it was immobolized on the terrain (alot of that going around this tournament) with it stuck it was out of range of my fire dragons that had killed the Dread Naught.

He was able to kill 2 of the dragons with snipers, and failed all of his other Night Sight checks. He shot the Far Right Dragon Serpent with his Demolisher and Termies but I was able to save both from moving flat out. Good start for me.

Eldar: My turn, I get my second Fire Prism in but not the Falcon. I load up the Dragons from the Dreadnaught Kill and start to get them over where they are needed. I unloaded the Fire Dragons to shoot at the right side Demolisher, and moved my bikes forward a bit to take more shots at the rhinos.

I believe I ended up stunning the Demolisher and was able to take out of one the other Rhinos, I then used the Fire Prisms to take out the Shooty Termies that had landed close to my dragons. No way I could let those guys stay alive.

Turn 4: Night Fight Again!
Marines: With all the marines on the table, and another Night Fight turn he was in a pretty rough spot. He moved his Assault bikes withen shooting range of the Council and took some melta shots with no deaths. He then shot at everything else with nothing connecting.

Eldar: The Falcon came in this turn luckily for me. I ran my council over to his assault bikes and doomed the one I'd assault. I then unloaded the Dragons next to the rhino's that were still up and moved my Jetbikes in for the kill. With The Rhino gone the marines dissapeared quite rapidly, leaving one rhino left stunned once again.

The JetCouncil charged one of the bikes and I threw one Spear Lock on the other bike to lock us up in combat during his turn.

Turn 5: The sun arrives!
Marines: With the sun up, there were some tempting targets for his heavy weapons, but first he used his librarian to teleport between my tanks and the objectives. He was able to shake one of my tanks and my Fire Dragons ended up getting pinned by snipers. In the assault phase my Council ended up finishing off the other Assault Bike.

Eldar: My turn, With the council free, I moved it up behind the wall, next to the objective on the far left side next to his marines, from here they wouldn't get shot at because of the solid wall. I then moved my bikes up to contest the one objective with the rhino marines, and to take control of the other objective. From there the Falcon went flying to land next to the objective that the Dreadnaught had originally been at.

From there I had to make a decision on what to do with the Assault marines that were in striking distance of my Guardian Jetbikes, it was a choice between shooting them or trying to block there path. So I went with the riskier option but the one that would solve the problem and tank shocked him with my Fire Prism. Thinking that I'd have a tank hulk there to slow them down I was very very surprised when he rolled double 6's for there Leadership. With them running and not able to regroup from all my friendly units in the area I pretty much had the game in my hands.

With a little shooting I had control of 2 objectives and was contesting the other 3 with a solid amount of units.

At the end of turn 5 we rolled a die and the game was to continue, we had 10 minutes left but he decided to call the game and go ahead and give me the secondary and tertiary points I would've received by moving my guys into terrain during the next turn.

It was a fun and solid game, and I probably the best one I played all weekend, we were both striking back and forth at each other with little result up until he failed that LD test and things just slid into place for me.

I think keeping my guys in reserves kept me from getting blasted into space, and being less aggresive with my council really paid off (I had lost it first turn during the first 2 games)

But Like I said, it was a great game, and I'd gladly give him a rematch as he was a greaty guy to play against.

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