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Friday, August 14, 2009

BoLSCon 2009: Updates

Ok Guys, I'm sure you all know that the big BoLSCon Tourney is next week, and if you don't now you do. It's been a pretty exciting time getting to this point. I've been able to work on some pretty cool conversion, and play with units I wouldn't have ever though of taking before the guys at Warseer help me out.

Let just say I'm enjoying my Eldar now that they all have 3+ saves, and most have 4++, I was getting way tired of being mowed down by bolters, must be that Chaos army that I played for years before trying out Eldar, I just don't like seeing my guys die like that ;)

So I made a couple small changed to the army list, I got rid of 2 singing spears from the council and the Chin Cannon from the Falcon and gave then dropped Star Engines on the Beast. I did this mostly because I had the extra points, in CC I was finding my council to be lacking attacks and I felt that 2 base for 2 more models would help out quite a bit, and during the 6 games I played with the Falcon I didn't once find a time use the cannon because I was always on the move with it and that's why I though the Star Engines would be more useful, especially in those end games where that extra 12" move could come in very very useful.

So I've gotten all my vehicles painted now, an extra Prism and WaveSerpent and All the Bike done, except for the warlocks and council. I'll be painting them tonight and the weekend, might even finish them too, we'll see. But I had a take a break from painting last night, my hand was starting to cramp up from painting vines on 21 bikes ;) Don't worry I'll throw up some pics soon, I just need to get painting done first.


  1. Do we get a full picture of the entire army?

  2. Oh yes you do, either late tonight or early tomorrow :D

    I'm finishing off the Warlocks tonight, let's just say my painting speed has been put to the test on this one. But I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out :D