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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Alamo GT 2011 - Beginnings

So once again I've gone insane. The Alamo GT down in San Antonio is May 14th and 15th. With finally deciding to go to the tournament only two weeks ago I have decided that I'm also going to break out my old Grey Knights and well make some changes and have them painted up and ready to go in 4 weeks. You can see in the pictures everything that is painted at the moment, using what I had from the Astronomi-Con tournament last year I have greatly expanded on the amount of Knights I'll be fielding. Instead of just the two squads I had last year I'll now have four squads of infantry and I'm going to breaking out the other fun toys such as the Dreadnight and the not so build Stormraven.

With two weeks of school still to go (finals and all) and two free weeks of painting it's going to be a hard rush job to get these done but I'm pretty confident I can do it. Wish me luck and keep an eye out for progress posts.

That's right, bring the bad boys once again. My GM is going to be using a Halberd and I've got a new Justicar with Daemon Hammer.

One of the two Purifier Squads I'll be running. Added a Justicar with Daemon Hammer again... no theme at all happening here. The other purifier squad is in the background.

That's right, plastic minis. Woot! So I got these guys built over the weekend. 2 psycannons and is that Cowboy Kenny holding a daemon hammer? Couldn't be.

My Dreadknight and one of the dreadnaughts I'll be running. I created some custom Autocannon arms for the dread, I'm just waiting for them to come in.

Close up of the big guy himself. I didn't magnetize him at all. I should have, but it turns out he's not really magnet friendly, I'm going to have to do some experimenting with the next one but didn't have time for this round.

So just 3 Rhinos and a Stormraven left to be built. Quite excited about this project, and not stressed out at all so far.

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