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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Are Eldar Still Competitive?

Are Eldar still competitive? Hell yes they are. But not all builds are competitive now a days. Over the past two years I have seen pure mech Eldar become much more difficult to pull off successfully. Eldar transports are just to expensive, and the abundance of Str 8 weapons, IG spam, Space Wolf spam make it fielding Armor 12 vehicles quite difficult.

I've also seen seen the Deathstar JetSeer squads become less and less useful. It is way to easy to tie them up in combat and with no power weapons and no ability to dish out a good number of attacks they start to fall rather flat.

So what can Eldar do really well right now. Str 6 Spam. Yes yes, I know spamming isn't what people like to do, but after str 4 str 6 weapons are the most common in the Eldar army, and not only are they common, they are quite cheap. Scatter Lasers and Warp Spiders should be your friend in all Eldar armies. Not only do the Spiders give you great mobility, but the Scatter Lasers are usually attached to mobile bases also. You mix this with a couple squads of Fire Dragons, a Farseer to Guide Warwalkers and Doom your enemy, and an Autarch to allow you to reserve denial and you're pretty much Golden.

Here's the list I've been running for close to a year now. This list is about putting as much firepower on the board as possible, because when it comes down to my dice rolls, quantity is way better then quality.

All Comer's List

Farseer - 145
Runes Wit, Runes Ward, Stones, Doom, Guide

Autarch - 125
PWeapon, Fusion Gun, MandiBlaster, WarpGenerator

Fire Dragons x7 - 222
Wave Serpent, Stones, TL-SCannon

Fire Dragons x7 - 222
Wave Serpent, Stones, TL-SCannon

Guardian Jetbikes x6 - 205
2x SCannons
Warlock, Embolden, Spear

Guardian Jetbikes x3 - 66

Guardian Jetbikes x3 - 66

Dire Avengers x5 - 60

-=Fast Attack=-
Warp Spiders x6 - 181
Exarch, PowerBlades, Dual Spinners

Warp Spiders x7 - 203
Exarch, PowerBlades, Dual Spinners

Falcon - 175
SLasers, Stones, Holo-fields

War Walkers x3 - 180
2x Slasers

Total - 1850

Give it a try, let me know if it works for you. It's been working for me every game for about a year now.


  1. i use S Lassers in all my vehicles i use to field a list with 4 serpents 2 prisms and 3 war walkers.
    all with lasers .
    we are suffering from the point cost , of the old codex , compared to the new ones , and for some lack of terrain on the tables at tournaments.

    Cheers from Argentina

  2. I like the look of the list. But what would you do in a low points game, 750-1000 points?

  3. Hi Auryn, wrote up a post for you, http://thewraithgate.blogspot.com/2011/12/750pt-and-1000-pt-eldar.html