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Friday, April 22, 2011

Psyfleman Dreadnaught

Hi everyone. So with the release of the Grey Knight codex everyone has been raving about the Psyfleman Dreadnaught. What is that you ask, it's a dual Autocannon Dreadnaught with Psyammunition to give you 4 TwinLinked Strength 8 Autocannon Shots at 48 inch range. Yeah, this guy is going to be tearing into some transport vehicles.

I designed the Psyfleman Autocannons for my Dreads a couple of weeks ago, and just received the 3D prints in yesterday. I'm pretty pleased with the way they turned out. Their unique and cost me a little under what it would have cost for the forgeworld ones. And before anyone gives me a hard time about his torso being on backwards, well he's magnetized, I'll turn him around for the painted pictures later.

I've had a couple people ask me about the prints of the Rhino Front Panel. I got that in also but was not very happy w


  1. Hmm very interesting I wonder how they would cast. I like the look of them.

  2. Where are you getting these printed? Your autocannon arms look pretty spectacular.

  3. The Autocannons are currently available here.


  4. Generous of you to make them publicly available.. if I hadn't already converted 3 with aegis guns I would definitely have picked these up. Will recommend to anyone I think they look better than FW. I'm guessing there's very little warping (if any) too??

  5. Thanks :)

    No warping at all as they're a hard(semi flex) plastic. The only tiny itsy little issue was the hole was like a micro meter too small, easily rectified by my drill and a bit one size larger. Fits perfect now.

  6. A fellow North Texas blogger! The Dread arms are nice. I'm totally floored by the fact that the 3d printer service even exists. Unfortunately, I'm no ninja on the 3d programs. Maybe this will usher in a new era of custom bits by good folks like yourself though?

  7. It's possible, I might just be working on such a thing ;) ;)

    Been testing out the capability of the various services and what can be produced. Look in the future to more news and the possibility of a 3D Table Top Commission service in your area, lol.

  8. Did you print with WSF material? Just got 2 pairs for myself in yesterday and they look amazing, however I feel that the material is very rough and chalky(needs a wash thats all).

  9. Thanks bjohnsen, I did do my Print with the White Strong Flex material. I just noticed today that they are now offering a polished version of the same material. From what I can tell online it seems to smooth the material out quite a bit. I made that material available online and moved the store location to http://www.shapeways.com/shops/customminis

    As for the roughness, I found an extra coat or two of primer helped to smooth it out, but I'll be getting some test prints of the polished material here in a month or so after I get a couple more designs I need test printed.

    Thanks for the feedback.

  10. I just ordered a pair of your arms and chose the polished material. I'll follow up with you when they arrive.

    It should be noted that you have to order a minimum of $25.00 at Shapeways, so I've got a couple of "Cowboy Kenny" heads on the way, too. :)

  11. Yeah the $25 minimum is to help cover the start up costs of running their machines and provide free shipping. Better to pay 2 bucks for heads then 6 bucks in shipping :)

    Can't wait to hear what you think of the polished material, I'm really interested if it's worth the extra cost for them to polish it.