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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Alamo 40k GT 2011: Day 1

Day one of the Alamo is over and I've got to say I've had a lot of fun. Beer, Gam ing, and fun people just makes a day great. The tournament is nice and relaxed, 2 and 1/2 hours of game time for 2,000 points, which for me and my games have given us plenty of time to play without running in any time issues or even a warning to hurry up and finish.

My first game was against Space Wolves. It was a quick and fun game. I was able to get first turn, and pull off scout move with the Dreadknight and a Purifier squad. The two squads then charged his two long fang squads on the first turn, Vindicare blew up his Land Raider and the Autocannons took out the Vindicator tank. After that it was wittling the rest of the army down. I ended up getting full points for the game.

Game Two was fun too. It was against Codex Space Marines, he was running 3 10 man tactical squads, 2 10 man devastator squads with missiles and lascannon and a 10 man terminator unit. It was capture and control, and he castled in his corner and I spent many turns trying to break through his defenses. I ended up pulling off the win with a bad die roll on his part that caused his last scoring squad to get pinned, I think was able to take them out and was left with the only scoring unit on the table and an objective.

Game Three was by far the most difficult game I've played in a while. It was against Nick Rose from Bell of Lost Souls and he was playing a hybrid deathwing Black Templars list. We literally beat each other to pieces and pieces. It was an anhilation game and was a lot of fun. Nick's a great guy and puts up a good fight, it was also nice discussing the game and seeing what I could have done differently next time.

Overall I'm really enjoying the Alamo and can't wait for tomorrow!

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