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Monday, May 9, 2011

Grey Knights: Army Painting Progress

So after a little more then a week of work I have finish up all of the infantry and three rhinos for the Alamo GT. I wouldn't say they're 100% done yet though as I've still got some inks I want to throw on them and the like, but as time is running out and my poor fingers are starting to cramp it's time to call them done for the round and move on.

That means all that's left for me are the two dreadnaughts, one dreadknight and the stormraven which I'll be painting Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I'm looking forward to seeing how they come out, and I might have a little surprise to show for the stormraven.

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  1. Nice, yeah I can tell the difference between your complete model and these guys. The shading is off, but they still look good, especially the amount of detail and the time crunch. i really like how those Dozer Blades worked out too. If I run Marines some time in the future I might have to dig around some more and see if I have any more Chimera Dozer blades.