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Thursday, February 25, 2010

40k Rulebook FAQ Released today

So it looks like they snuck another FAQ in there today, and it's the main rule book. I've looked it over and didn't notice any changes to it, does anyone else?

It's posted here.


  1. You certainly have some dedication to watch for new FAQs like that.

    As for what's new, I've no idea, and don't have the old FAQ to compare it to. Was
    "Q. Can Psychic powers be used on a unit
    embarked on a transport?
    A. For simplicity’s sake, the answer has to be a
    firm ‘No, unless the psyker himself is in the unit
    being transported’."

    in the old FAQ?

  2. Yeah mate, it is, this is all I can spot .......

    Page 41 – Multiple Combats, Attacking.
    In all three bullet points, the word ‘combat’ will be
    changed to ‘round of combat’.

  3. Yeah, I couldn't really see much different if anything. As for watching the FAQ it was open yesterday for the Ork one and refreshed today and say the 2010 out of the corner of my eye :) Just dumb luck on this one, but I'm still kind of watching it for the Nid FAQ as word is that it's on the Spain Website.


  4. I liked units in transports better when they were considered off the table except for the use of fireports. Now you are in this stupid thing where units in transports can affect things on the table with special rules but special rules cannot affect them back.