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Monday, February 22, 2010

More Signs of Grey Knights on the Way

So I'm sure everyone has heard of reports that the codex for Daemon and Witch hunters has been pulled off the Games Workshop website. Well today I went to my local GW store to return a box of PAGKs because, well I've gotten opened ones off a couple of friends and don't need 50 Grey Knights :D I don't think I can even field that much in a 2.5k game.

So at the store I was going to pick up some stuff to do some conversions but it turns out that I could not return the box because they are no longer stocking it, that or any of the other GK or SoB boxes. Last time this happened was about 3 months ahead of Nids.

So could it be, the fabled return of GKs and Sisters is on it's way. Lets only hope so as I'm looking forward to seeing what they do with them. Still now word on if it will be one or two different codex's but either way I'll be happy as I'll actually sit down and start building them with a new book ;)

Keep watching and I'll feed more news as I get it.



  1. That artwork is quite a few years old. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  2. The age of the artwork is irrelevant, read the post.

  3. Hey Adam, as Wayne mentioned it has nothing to do with the artwork, but what happened at the Local GW store. I just like that picture and that's why I threw it up there :D