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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Njal Visits Dallas

So I'm going to be completely 40k Unrelated today because I can be :D

For those of you who don't know what's been going on in the 40k area lately we've had the largest snowfall in a day ever and I just got my internet up and running again a couple hours ago. It's one thing being on vacation for a week without internet but let me tell you it's something completely different sitting at your house phones not working, internet not working, cable tv not working...

I guess I was lucky I had power as there was a couple in front of me at church today who hadn't had heat in there house for 4 days now. Now that's roughing it.

So for those of you who aren't Space Wolves we sure did get some rather good weather to go around wearing pelts now didn't we. It just goes to show that sometimes we're not prepared for our environment around us. Just like in 40k things might change and you'll just have to rough it out the best you can. Luckily I wasn't restricted to a couple turns to turn things around but we did clean out the yard after breakfast that first day. Here a couple pictures of what happened in our neck of the woods.

So here's what Njal let us wake up to in the morning. I'm still thanking God that none of the branches snapped off onto our roof. And yes those tree branches are leaning on the house.

And here's the neighbors driveway, very very lucky they didn't park under that branch. Would've eaten into my 40k fund ;)

So here's the backyard's tree, took out our patio furniture. Once again very lucky it didn't damage the house.

And after by about 3 o'clock Friday me and the neighbors had cleared out our yards, and here's the pile from the tree in back and the branches from the front. It looks like we lost a couple of tree but it was only about 3/4s of one.

And last but not least, it's Robie, the Thundercat Grrrrr...... Lol... The wife keeps the cat inside, I wanted to see what happened when pampered kitty met blizzard. She just gives off a pissy look.

So there you go, I promise the next post will be much more 40kish but I wanted to share the white cold wet stuff we never get here in Dallas :D

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  1. We lucked out, our trees really didn't suffer the weight of the snow, so no broken limbs on the house or in the yard. Saw some great carnage down the road though.

    As an aside, the store looked really cool coated in snow. I'll have to get some of those pics from Shel and post them up ;) Was fun watching the kids build a snow fort behind the shop and have a big snowball fight.