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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rapid Cure - The Other Gamers Friend

Hi everyone, I'm sorry I've been slow getting to posts but as you probably know the world catches up with us :D

So this week I decided that I was going to try my luck at building some Storm Guardians, 36 to be exact, and let me first say wow guardians have more bits then you could ever want on an 8 pt model :P I think it's something like 9 pieces you have to glue together without the extras that you can do.

But that's not a huge deal, other then just a little time consuming. But it's when I got to the part of trying to put the Metal bits on with the plastic that I had an issue.

Now I had started with the heads, for a 12 man batch and I was sorely dissapointed in how long it was taking for the heads to dry vs all the plastic body parts I had been working with before hand. Now me being patient and watching TV I just stuck with it.

So after holding heads in place for nearly an hour it was time to get to the arms. Now these I couldn't simply let gravity have it's way, I had to actually hold it nice and still for 24 of these bad boys.

So that's what I started off doing, I grabbed on arm, and one guys and sat there with the glue for about 5 minutes, and that arm was not going to stick.

That's when I did the next best thing, I have a mini to my wife, with an arm and asked her to hold it there :D

So with each of us holding the arm in place and watching tv it wasn't to bad, until two commercials later and no luck on it sticky.

I gave up on the metal for the night and worked on the next set of 24 guys. The next day I went to the local gaming store and picked up this Rapid Cure stuff that I had heard some of my friends raving about in the past. I didn't really believe them but for 7 bucks I was willing to test it out.

Lets just say about 10 seconds after holding it in place I could've dropped the mini and the bits would've stayed on. It was like a dream come true. Glue sticking and drying faster then I could build them.

So here's the secret. All you need to do is a dab of glue on one piece, and then a dap of the liquid on the other. The rapid cure says you should spray it but honestly that's a total waste of product as I only need a drop of it to cover the piece that I'm glueing.

I found that most of the piece would become snug and dry in 10-20 seconds and then you could let go without any worries of it falling apart. So here's to Rapid Cure :D I'll be using it on my metal figures from now on.



  1. While it cures amazingly fast and does provide a strong bond, I've just found the odor too offensive to justify it's use. Perhaps I just have too sensitive of a sniffer though...

  2. I prefer Insta-Set myself, if only for the odor bit. The other thing I'd warn is to make sure you test compatability with your glue. I watched a guy use Zip Kicker and a rapid cure glue, only to have the resulting reaction generate enough heat to cause distortion and sagging in the plastic parts.