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Friday, February 5, 2010

MCs vs Vehicles who lives longer?

I'm going to try and write an Intelligent post here without being to prejudice to one party or the other. Today I just want to explore the toughness of the two different types of units in the 40k universe.

First we have vehicles, we're going to go ahead and give them an Average Armor Value of 12 with 1 Weapon. Now in order to destroy a vehicle you'll need weapons of str 6 or higher. That's just the plain fact, and you're better off with str 7 and up weapons.

So let's just see what it takes a couple different weapons to take out a vechile. And we'll see what it takes for those to kill a MC, and we'll just say everything is BS 4 for giggles.

Str 6 - Well we'll need to glance it to death, that means rolling 3 5s or 6s on the table. It will take an average of 54 Shots to glance to death.

Str 7 - Here it starts to get a bit easier. Because now we can actually penetrate it. So t's an average of 27 shots to simply destroy or explode the vehicle. 28 Shots to destroy the vehicle from damage states, or a total of 11 shots to do it on average.

Str 8 - It takes an average of 10 shots to destroy the vehicle.

Str 9 - 6.7 shots to destroy a vehicle.

Str 10 - 5.7 shots to destroy it. So the best average you can get to destroy a vehicle is about 6 shots.

Now let's talk MCs We'll say an average MC has toughness 6, 4 wounds, and a 3+ save. This should be intersting. Now I know that it can be hurt with guns lower then str 6 but just because my mind is going numb we'll go with str 6. ;)

Str 6 - You're going to needs 4s to wound it so let's see what happens. So to be able to kill it with Str 6 weapons you're going to need an average of 37 shots.

Str 7 - 28 shots to take out the MC

Str 8 - So here's where it gets interesting, it takes 22 shots to kill the MC at Str 8, now as it gets no easier to kill an MC then a 2+ then it also takes 22 shots to kill it at Str 9 and 10.

So with a Str 10 weapon it's actually 4 times easier to destroy a tank then it is to kill a MC. And that's how it feels everytime I try to kill MCs. You also have to think that with no shooting weapon (well other then super special ones, WraithCannons and the like) it takes a minimum of 4 shots to kill the MC. Where you can get lucky with a Shot and take out a Vehicle the first time.

So my vote goes for MCs as being the tougher of the two at least on average ;) Oh and the luck factor works in favor of MCs too being able to take out a vehicle with one shot.



  1. What about the AP of weapons stripping off that 3+ save. Most S8 weapons are AP 3 or better. That cuts those numbers down quite a bit.

  2. Yeah :D Well... Um....... Look forward to another post where I put those stats into affect ;)

    I've already got blasted by some other for no AP so this will be me learning my lesson.