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Thursday, May 20, 2010

1,500 pts in a Month: 30 Days to Go

Ok, so Yesterday or perhaps the day before I decided that I would not play my Eldar Army for Astronomi-con. Simply because I needed an excuse to paint up my Grey Knights, and I wanted something different. I started my GKs to be a fun army, and Astro is supposed to be a fun event. So there we go, that's what I'll play.

So above you can see the GK I did for the troop Painting contest. Then there's the rest of his squad, the idea is to have them done painting by the weekend so I can start painting the GK Terminators.

So I got the base Boltgun Metal done on one Guy, it took me about 45 minutes yesterday to do. Oh man, and I could already feel my finger cramping.

All of them are done, well with the base Boltgun Metal. For me that is the hardest part, getting them to look good at the start and keeping those nice black lines for contrast I think is key to a good looking GK.

So today I wanted to get my GK Terminators finished being built. I had already used them in the Escalation League, but Now I needed to create some Storm Shields and Thunder Hammers. I started off by making a mold of the left and right shoulder pads, and I let that dry most of yesterday.

Then before I went to bed last night I started one set of Should Pads, by using the Mold and the pieces I was going to place them with so that they fit around them with out me having to dig out the pads. Green Stuff really is the hardest thing to shave from properly because it starts to tear along the edges of where you mixed the two pieces together.

So with the Pads done, I started to trim them down so that they actually started looking like shoulder pads.

Then I did some test placements with the terminator, and of course all the weapons are magnetized these days ;)

Here are the two GK terminators all finished from about 20 minutes ago.

Another view of them.

And here is the finished command squad with the converted Grand Master from the Escalation Conversion Contest from about a month ago. You can see that this squad is ready to kick some butt and take some names.

If you enjoyed this, be sure to keep track as I build and paint a 1,500 pt army in a month to get ready for this Tournament. You might as yourself am I "Mad" doing an army in a month with only 1 painted mini to it's name, and most of the models not even purchased yet, well yes I am! We'll just see if I can make it.


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