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Monday, April 5, 2010

A 1,500 pt Blood Angels Army

So I had planned on releasing this list earlier this week, but as we all know Life will catch up with you. And that was well Playing some 40k and getting ready for the Escalation League for the week, which ended up going really well.

But anyways, here's the 1,500 pt list that I put together for Blood Angels that I would love to try playing. My only worry is a little lack of Anti Tank, but I think the list can handle most vehicles that will be found at the 1.5k level, unless they're spamming Landraiders.

Blood Angels 1,500 Points

Reclusiarch – 130 pts

The Reclusiarch, or beefy Chaplain is my pick for the low point cost HQ. This army is all about Synergy, and having your HQ pump up units is a huge thing for me, coming from an Eldar Background. One of the things I wanted to see is a Death Company Squad, and the Reclusiarch, while being actually one of the cheaper HQ choices, allows the Death Company to re-roll hits and misses in a close combat in which they charged. This can make a huge difference in any assaults.

Sanguinary Priest x2 – 180 pts
2x Jump pack
2x Power weapon

The Sanguary Priests are here once again to booster the units, there isn't really any other army (other then Death Guard) that lets you give everyone Feel no Pain, which really increases the squads survivability by about 50% to non-FNP ignoring weapons. So in most close combats, and as you're flying forward this will help keep those squads alive longer.

Death Company x 7 – 195 pts
1x Power Fist
2x Power Weapon

The Death Company, I wanted to see it in the list just because they seem to be the staple of Blood Angels, they all have FnP and Furious Charge, so they're most likely going to be striking first, they have plenty of attacks, and with the re-rolls from the Reclusiarch they should be quite devastating. Throw them in the Stormraven for transport and aiming and you're done.

Death Company Dreadnought – 126 pts
Pair of Blood Talons

If you're going to run a Stormraven you might as well take advantage of it right. Throw in a Dreadnought with Blood Talons and he has the potential to take out entire units in a Assault Phase, might be good, could be bad, but play testing will tell. If Tanks start to become a problem, drop the Blood Talons for the Dreadnought CC Weapon to give it Str 10 again.

Assault Marines x7 – 181 pts
2x plasma pistol
1x sergeant power weapon

Assault Marines x7 – 181 pts
2x plasma pistol
1x sergeant power weapon

Assault Marines, they don't need transports, and with FNP from the Sanguary Priests they should be living long enough to get into combat. Make sure they're getting cover along the way and they should rip up some troops. They've also go pistols to help out with light transports which will be getting in the way in most peoples Meta Games.

Fast Attack
Baal Predator – 146 pts
Side sponson heavy bolters

The Ball Predator was an easy pick, with scout and being a fast vehicle, you can place him after deployment and have him tear up some squads, he should also do well at tearing apart rhinos and other light transports but you'll mostly be wanting him to kill the mobs of troops.

Heavy Support
Stormraven – 216 pts
Twin-linked Multi-melta
Extra Armour

The Stormraven, it'll be transporting the Death Company Squad and Dread, if you're not in range to assault on your turn, then move flat out, get that 4+ cover save, and use the Melta to try and pop the transport you're going to want to assault the next turn. Remember that you are transporting a lot of things that want to be upclose, so don't hang back because a dread and death company walking across the board won't do you any good.

Predator – 145 pts
Side sponson lascannons
Storm bolter
Hunterkiller missile

The main anti tank of the list, he should be able to pop the heavier transports, and move from spot to spot as the battle progresses to gain cover and deny it from others. Keep it in the back and use him to snipe while your opponent is trying to figure out what the real target priorities are.

Total - 1500

So with 1,500 points on the dot, with the help of some 1 pt Search Lights, this army should give others a run for their money, if you get a chance to play test it let me know how it goes, or your thoughts on the list itself.


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