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Friday, April 2, 2010

A New Disturbing Trend?

(I used to be a Captain, now I'm a Sergeant)

I just received my Blood Angels codex in the mail today, along with some other happy news. And instead of reading through my Acceptance to UTD I started reading the BA dex. There are quite a few neat things in there. But I also saw something else. Something that I think is going to start becoming a trend in the new books, and something I'm not a fan of.

It's Stat Modifiers for the enemy army. It first started with the Nid codex, with Deathstalker, who lowers any one models LD by a D3 for the entire game. Now I find that to be rather annoying as most modifiers require you to be in range, this just occurs at the start of the game.

Now in the BA codex we get Dante who chooses a single IC and lowers his WS, Wounds, Init, and Attacks by 1 (to a minimum of one) Wow, I mean wow that is a pretty mean ability right there.

For me I'm just finding it hard to swallow that right off the bat another army can affect the Stats of my characters, that often cost quite a few points. I've played against the Deathleaper a couple times, and having Eldrad or a Farseer at LD7 can be very game changing for an army that relies on casting powers as much as Eldar do. Now we've got one that actually causes a wound before the game has begun.

I'm just fearful of how far this will go, and how it will change the game, why take characters if they are just going to get nerfed before they hit the board?


  1. If you look back to the guard codex, we have a regimental adviser who can alter the enemies reserve rolls. I can't think of anything before then but it looks like this trend has been growing for a while.

  2. Interesting point, and you're right...though the DE started it in 3rd with Terrorfexes, after a fashion. Well...it's older than that in a way, but it was dropped for a long while, before Deathleaper really brought it back to the fore like that. Personally, it makes a bit uncomfortable, as it's unnecessary complication.

    However, I'm prepared to see where the next Codex or two takes the theme before I rant about it. lol

  3. @ Col. Corbane - I think making it harder for reserves to come in is a bit different then actually modifing ones stat lines ;) Even if it can be just as annoying you can easily deploy everything in all of the normal missions and then that trait has nothing to effect.

    @ The_King_Elessar - There are many weapons and abilities that affect units when in range or are attacked, like modifing your WS and Attacks (deffensive grenads) Etc. But these can all be avoided by not attacking those characters, or staying out of range, or simply killing them first. It's these new modifiers that I'm starting to dislike that are not so much tactical as just a trick they get to play on you.

  4. I'm just thrilled at yet more ingenious ways of having my Seer Council shut down :(