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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Whispers: April 25 Battle Mission 2

The winds howled, carrying slow burning embers and ash across the field. The first battle, an ambush had taken the party by surprise by it's furiousity. Only moments ago had the cries of bloodshed quieted, both sides withdrawing to regroup and patch wounds.

Inquisitor Loreal looks out across the battlefield. Large piles of debris is smoking, billowing black smoke that rises into the sky blocking his sight to the enemy behind it. Still scanning the field he sees unexploded ordinance. He knows if they must cross the field it could prove to be quite dangerous.

"Sir!" Interrogator Seth calls out as he runs over to Loreal, "You're going to have to see this." Loreal follows the bewildered interrogator. "What is it Seth?" Loreal asks as he cautiously walks over a low hill.

"Emperor..." he breaths silently seeing the gleaming gold ruins of some ancient artifact protruding from the nearest crater. Extruded from the dirt he could make out what appeared to be a bird or eagle, with it's wings spread, buried up to it's chest. It was about 3 meters across and on it's neck sat not one but two heads.

The interrogator interrupted Loreal's Shock. "Sir, the auspex seems to be picking up other objects, it could be more artifacts, or it could be a glitch with the system after all of the artillery that's been thrown around here, who knows what there really is.

We must retrieve the artifacts....

"Interrogator, we must retrieve the artifacts."

"Yes sir, I'll get on it right away." Said Seth as he started to turn away.

We must retrieve all of the artifacts....

"Not just this one, all of them, do a full Auspex Scan, Dig with your Hands if you need to identify them, but I want them All!" Cried out Loreal, "Is that understood?"

"Yes Inquisitor, right away."

* * * * *

The sun has risen high in the sky but still, it sheds little light on the field of battle. Smoke rises from burned out rubble, buildings, and vehicles. Ordnance litters the ground, some exploded some not. But the ordnance has unmasked something else, ancient treasures that may hold the key to secrets long lost, or treasures that might bring in some mighty fine loot.

Click Here: For rule to Battle Mission 2

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