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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Snakes Head: April 25 Battle Mission 3

The earth trembled with the movement of the heavy war machines, silence not being a priority. Inside the mighty beast the artifacts of ages past were being held. The men had grown quite uneasy, complaining amongst themselves of whispers from no where, but not one of them would say anything to the Inquisitor for fear that they might be possessed and purged on the spot.

He's near, very near...

'Yes yes, I know... we have located them on auspex' Loreal said to himself. 'Soon I will have his head on a pike, and I will hang it atop my chimera'

"Sir, are you alright" asked Seth, looking a little worried as Loreal mumbled. "You seem to be elsewhere at the moment, and we are closing on the enemy very quickly."

"Of course I'm fine you idiot, what would make you think otherwise?"

Calm yourself, it will be his time soon enough...

"I'm sorry interrogator, I'm just agitated with all the men we lost during the bombardment," Loreal said gently, "Soon soon, we will be ready to strike at the head of their army, and retake the artifacts they were able to get during the battle."

* * * * *

The battles have been fierce and drawn out. But you have finally caught up with leadership of the opposing force, and your superiors want a trophy. Kill their leadership, and bring them back to be put on display for all to see. But do not let your leader die, for if he does you'll have to keep the enemy at bay so that he can be given a proper burial.

Click Here: For rules to Mission 3

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