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Thursday, April 1, 2010

GW Reaches God-Hood with New Spray Gun!

If you've not seen the latest news today, you're going to want to take a look. Games Workshop has done some amazing things in the past, but today they revealed a new spray gun that will be part of everyones hobby kit in the time it takes to say, "OMG look at that Sally it painted my entire Miniature and all I had to do was hold down the Trigger and Boom, it Looks FREAKING AMAZING!!!"

So if you've not seen it yet, click the here for Awesomeness!


  1. Ha ha GW. Check the time though. Post it after midday and the joke's on you.

  2. The real joke is that they never intend to release a Storm Raven model.

    Just kidding, it's their rules.

    Seriously, though, skip the GW spray gun and get a real airbrush, true believers. Better control, easy to use, easy to clean. My all stainless steel Thayer & Chandler hasn't let me down yet....