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Saturday, April 3, 2010

TGR - Escalation League Cycle 3

As April arrives so does TGR's Escalation League Third Cycle. Below you will find the scenario used and don't forget that we are at 1000 points now. So grab your troops and head into the dark depths to face your enemy. Be victorious or die trying!

Warhammer 40k Escalation League Scenario 3: Underground
(Cycle 3 – 1000 points)

Background: Landing zones for the various factions warring on the planet surface have been secured and the hunt for the Rogue Trader can begin in earnest. During the previous conflicts, survivors noted fissures in the earth. Investigation has led to the discovery of an extensive cave complex located under the surface.

Strategists within each faction have seized upon the discovered subsurface passages as the most likely explanation for the escape of the Rogue Trader. Exploration of the caves reveals a mixture of natural and artificial passages. There is evidence of recent usage scattered among the detritus left behind by more ancient travelers.

Each faction has dispatched forces to reconnoiter the cave system and find clues among the scattered campsites believed to belong to the Rogue Trader. It is hoped that analysis of the sites and their contents can lead to anticipating where the Rogue Trader is headed and what his goal is.

Set-Up: A standard 4’ x 6’ table is used in this scenario. A total of d6 +1 pieces of terrain should be placed on the table.

Force Organization: The standard force organization rules are used.

Mission Objective: Seize Ground (see page 91 in the rulebook for details)

Special Rules:
At least two (2) of the objectives must be placed in No Man’s Land.

Combat is assumed to be taking place in a series of underground chambers. Access to this cave system is limited. Also, space within the cave system is restricted.

· Monstrous creatures (units with the monstrous creature unit type) and vehicles (any unit with an armour value) are not permitted.
· Jump infantry are restricted to normal troop movement (6”).

Deployment: Pitched Battle (see page 92 of the rulebook for details)

Victory Conditions: The game lasts the standard length (5 turns with checks to see if it runs to 7). At the conclusion of the last turn use the Victory Conditions of the scenario to determine a winner. (details are available on page 91 of the rulebook) In the event of a tie, the player with the most scoring units left is the victor. If both players have the same number of scoring units, the player with the highest point value scoring unit holding an objective wins. If there is a tie once more, the player who went first is the victor.

Previous Winner Advantages: Any player who is a member of the winning team from Cycle 2 enjoys the following advantages during the game:

The first troop unit that is completely wiped out can return to the game as if coming in from reserve. (deployment would follow the reserves rules from page 94 of the rulebook)

Any player who is considered to be a winner from Cycle 2 has the following advantages:
A single troop unit can be given the Scout special rule. (see page 76 for details)

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