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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

TarGa-Roth Emerges: April 25th Battle Mission 1

In the cold depths of space there is nothingness. Blackness surrounded by the blinking of stars, seen in their purest form. The twinkling of the lights starts to become obscured, just a few at first, but then more and more, as if a ball of energy is appearing from no where blocking out the view. Tendrils of power? Magic? Electricity? Begin to swarm from this hole in space, reaching out, grabbing onto the nothingness. The hole, the blackness, the obscurity pulses, the shear power of energy being felt light years away.

With a sudden burst of brilliance the anomaly gives way, cracking under the shear pressure of the body being birthed. The stars are completely blocked by this heavenly body, a planet that has appeared from no where. The world, covered with clouds of red and orange swirls chaotically, while the blue waters below appear to be much like Terra, along with the greens and browns of the newly formed land.

The final wave of energy released on the emergence of the planet sweeps through the Sector, thousands falling over dead, blood running from their nose, eyes, and mouth, from the psychic resonance and their untrained minds. The Holy Inquisition immediately demands a force be taken to research the new body now designated TarGa-Roth.

Upon entering normal space after traveling, the Black Ships detect other bodies surrounding or heading towards the new planet. Signatures of the ships show both human and xenos entering TarGa-Roth's atmosphere. With reluctance Inquisitor Loreal orders his fleet closer to the planet so they can send a landing party to begin surveying the planet and find out if the planet should be destroyed utterly.

With the research teams needing a safe place to work, Inquisitor Loreal orders a landing party to secure an area hopefully away from the other groups now invading the planet. The Inquisitor warns everyone to be on their toes as at this point anything could happen.

* * * * *

The chill of night is still in the air, and darkness still sweeps the land. You look at your chrono and see the sun should be up soon and that it's time to get your party together after it scattered during the landing. Initial reports shows that there may be an enemy team nearby and it's necessary to gather your forces to prepare to ambush the enemy before they can ambush you.

Click Here: For rules to Battle Mission 1

1 comment:

  1. "Question
    If the attacker rolls and has to come onto a 2x2 board that the defender blocked the entire board edge with a unit, what happens? Does the Attacker crash through, even though he can’t get on the board?

    Goes back into reserve?

    Rolls again?"

    To help dissuade people from doing this, I might have to enact the following rule;

    Enemy in our Midst: During the night the enemy is able to infiltrate the lines.

    If at any time the attacker is not able to enter the board edge through reserves because it is blocked by enemy models. He may then place those models anywhere in the allocated 2x2 foot section of the board as long as they are 1" away from enemy models. The unit counts as moving for that turn, but may shoot and assault as normal.