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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Braying of Beasts!

So with the coming of the Beasts this February, I decided to talk about something that I've always wanted to do. Take an all Minotaur army! As some of you know from reading my introduction, I am a die hard Dwarf collector and player. I guess in some ways I relate to the stubborn earth diggers, more so then those airy fairy elves any way.

One thing I've been reading in the rumors is that first off they will allow you to field Minotaurs as Core choices if you take a Doombull as your Lord. The second is that Minotaurs will be hard hitters and actually worth their points. People have always said "Oh just use Minotaurs but Count them as Ogre Kingdoms." Between you and me, I really didn't like the Ogre Kingdoms army. While the premise is cool, I just really didn't like the army list and butchers and such. It seemed like they threw in units hear and there and then tried to make them make sense.

Ogre Kingdoms could of worked but you were very limited in what you could field also. Taking a look at the contents of the Minotaur Plastic box set, you have a huge range of options. You want Two-Handed Great Weapons, well they got that. Sword and Board? They have that in there as well. Oh look they also have two hand weapons. Also the ability to create Full Command for your Minos.

Let's not stop there; the sculpts look very nice. They don't look like pot bellied larger then life beastmen. They LOOK like savage blood thirsty Minotaurs. I do feel that they overdid the muscles a little bit, but then again they look better then the older metal ones.

I'm also liking the new metal Doombull. He just looks mean. His pose and stance just scream, "I'm here to mess you up... don't run... you'll only die tired". Again I'm not real impressed with the overdone muscles, but then again the painter may be to blame for overemphasizing them.

Of course rumors say the Doombull is a close combat monster. A rival to Vampire Lords with their gifts and stat line. I will of course wait and see. Rumors are just that rumors. We will have to wait and see in the first week of February.

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