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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Is the Inquisition after Blood Angels?

So I don't know if you guys have been keeping up with the rumors but word has been flowing for about a month now of new Inquisition Forces popping up, you can see the very lengthy thread here on Warseer, but I'll give you a summarized version of it. All of this information came from Stickymonkey there on the forums.

* New GK Terminators 3ups (5 poses, 1 HQ/leader)
* New Daemonhunter/Witchhunter concept art
* New DH/WH vehicles/support
* All inquisition units to get new models...eventually
* Codex: Inquisition to combine all orders of =I=
* GK being focused on for release, Sisters 2nd wave
* No allies, but indoctrinated units will include choices from other Imperial armies
* No faith points
* Lots of Psychic Nullification
* Lots of Ignore Invul
* Another flyer/transport kit Valkyrie-sized being planned for release
* GK models may see light of day early tied into another product release. (commentary: I hear rumors of a Space hulk expansion being planned, but they are vague and disorganized, so much salt needed here)
* Release window is not 2010 for C:I
* Imperial Assassin now a single unit, culdex, Caladeus, etc all gone. Unit will have numerous lethal options. Very Expensive.

Also Some Rumors on Special Characters

"I got to see the DH/WH character designs yesterday, there are about a dozen named inquisition, incl existing.

one looks like a gk chaplain.
a sister w what looks like twin arm mounted SBs.
a named preacher.
new concept for throne of judgement less like a converted dread.
sister w twin cat o nine tails.
confessor w a big staff w what looks like integrated flamer
named seraphin w new jump pack, more marine like (large jets) but retains some archaic details, also has sword and combi weapon
another gk named justicar, w 2 ended force weapon.
a gk vehicle based character. "

So after hearing that, I've been watching the GW Website recently as people said the DH/SoB Codex's have been dissapearing from the site, as of today I checked and it was no longer there, so sometime during the weekend GW pulled it.

I also heard from a pretty reliable source that I could be expecting some GK stuff here in 4-6 months, I'm thinking it will probably come after Blood Angels and the New Missions book, or here at least I'm crossing my fingers as I've been collecting the box sets of GKs for about 6 months now getting ready to start the army, and would it not be amazing to start it with a new codex too!

Either way, none of this is 100% but I can always hope :D



  1. I'm holding off starting a second army in the hopes that I'll be able to pull out my GKs again. An Inquisition redux would be the greatest news I'd heard in ages.

  2. I just hope that the marine nock off/cop out, as nether force seem to be organized or use the same tactics as the marines. the book can focus on the GK and SOBs, with new choices for each and I would be happy. the two should be comparable with out steeping on each others toes, and that the hard part.

  3. Maybe a PDF? I agree that pulling the stuff from the store could be forshadowing of expansion. Months ago, GW stopped selling BA models at any non GW retailer. That was a tipoff, then they stopped selling the old Baal Pred kit and sold it as a bits box instead... another tipoff that they were redoing it and were not doing another print of the old box. Same for the Honor Guard. The Stormraven is probably the flyer. I suspect they will release the model with the GKs to get people excited about playing them. There was already enough excitement about BA. Save the flyer for the next release! My only question is can they handle another book or will it be PDF? And then what about the BT rumors? Eldar were floating around too, as well as a justabout confirmed DE release late 2010 early 2011. With Nids and BA out this year, how many 40k dex books will we see? They put out two fantasy as well? If they put out a codex every 2 months, and half of them are Fantasy, we are looking at one more 40k book this year. My bet is DE. Which leaves the big I staring at a ghetto PDF or a 2011 release. Jawaballs