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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Tervigon Menace

So earlier today I finally played against the dreaded Tervigon. Now some of you will complain that I wasn't playing a competitive army, yes yes, I proxied a GK army to start testing out stuff before I get to building and painting the new army. But even with a more competitive army I don't think I'd be able to do much better.

We played 1,775 points, yeah weird points but my friend wanted to try having Regenerate on all his meanies... In this army there was a reasonable 2 Terrigons, the first one spit out 13 men and rolled doubles on the first turn, the second one didn't roll doubles till turn 5 and put out a little more then 50 men, so about 70 extra termagaunts hit the board.

Let me tell you that target priority really starts to become a problem with the Nids, first off these guys don't just fall down on their face from afar. They're T6 with 6 Wounds, and when you have some DSing Zoantropes and a Mawloc and Trygon dropping in close you have alot to deal with.

I never was able to kill the 2nd Spawning Tervigon, I had got it down to 1 wound, useing my S6 GKs and then during it's turn it spawned 10 Gaunts, with Furious Charge and wittled my Unit down to 2 guys who proceded not to do anything against the 3+ Feel no Pain Terigon. It wasn't upsetting, but I do feel that with the right mix that Terigons are a very unbalancing factor to the game.

In the end I was able to win the game, he had neglected his objective and I was able to keep mine, if he had thrown Gaunts towards his objective a turn earlier we would've tied, and if the game had gone past turn 5 I most likely would have lost.

It was a very rough game, and there are many things in the new Nid Codex that you have to look out for, and I'll be writing up on those things later. Till then if you're playing competitively make sure your opponent has built something to really represent these beasts, but in a fun game anything will do and remember that it should stay fun because that's what games are all about ;)


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