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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Space Wolf FAQs are Up

So the new Space Wolf FAQ is up and lets just saw wow. There are some interesting things occuring in there:


My Favorite so far has to be this one;

Q. Does Lukas the Trickster’s The Last Laugh
ability affect friendly models? How about
vehicles? Or Warlord-class Titans, for that

A. Yes in all three cases – it affects any unit in
base contact. Stasis fields are very all-or-nothing

Guess what, you killed my Lukas but I just took out your Titan, who's laughing now :) I think it'd be fun now to just rush him in against all kinds of units. Can't take out that pesky dreadnaught, well just wait and stasis field will take care of it.

There are a couple other good ones here that have been heating up the forums since the codex game out;

Q. Is the +1 Toughness from a Thunderwolf
Mount considered bonus Toughness, i.e. the
model becomes Toughness 4(5), or is it a
modification to the base characteristic, i.e. the
model becomes Toughness 5?

A. Unusually for such bonuses, it is a
modification to the base characteristic. Effectively
the two creatures have a combined profile with
Toughness 5. This is because the Toughness value
represents both the Toughness of the Space
Marine and the Toughness of the Thunderwolf
(which is if anything more impressive than even a
member of the Astartes). It is not just an
enhanced Toughness for the Space Marine, as
with a Space Marine bike. After all, a Space
Marine bike cannot react on its own, and is
useless without a rider, whereas a giant
monstrous wolf is still a tough customer!

Counter Attack, Furious Charge and Deffensive Grenades

Q. Picture this: My Grey Hunters unit including
Ragnar Blackmane is assaulted and makes a
successful Leadership test to Counter-attack. Do
they then benefit from his Furious Charge ability
(+1 S and +1 I)? Also, can the original assaulter
then deploy defensive grenades to rob the Space
Wolves of their Counter-attack bonus?

A. The Counter-attack special rule states ‘all
models in the unit get the +1 assault bonus to
their attacks, exactly as if they too had assaulted
that turn.’ Therefore Ragnar’s unit does indeed
benefit from Furious Charge. Also, we think it is a
bit rich for an assaulting unit to get the bonus for
attacking and defending, so no, defensive
grenades cannot be used to negate the bonus
attack from counter-attacking.

And one I had argued for one the Forums for a while, dealing with Fen Wolves as Wargear;

Q. Can an Independent Character who has taken
Fenrisian Wolves as wargear join another unit as
if he were on his own?

A. Yes – in fact you could potentially have a unit
that included several Independent Characters, all
of whom have Fenrisian Wolves, though each set
of Fenrisian Wolves must still remain within 2" of
their Independent Character master.

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