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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

HTUD: Doubles Tournament



10am: Check-in
10:15am – 12:15pm: Round One
12:15pm – 1pm: Lunch
1pm – 3pm: Round Two
3pm – 3:15pm: Break
3:15pm – 5:15pm: Round Three
5:30pm: Awards Ceremony


•Players register as one Doubles team consisting of two players, with their armies playing as allies.

•Each Doubles team presents an allied force not to exceed 1500 total points, comprised of two independent armies--one controlled by each team member--neither to exceed 750 points.

•Each Doubles team member's army must have 1 HQ and 1 Troops choice; one standard Force Org chart must be used to compose the 1500 point Doubles force but individual slots other than the mandatory HQ and Troops requirement per player may be divided amongst the two team member's armies as they choose.

•Teams will compete in three rounds of 2 hours duration each.

•Victory will be determined by combined gameplay, Sportsmanship, Painting, Presentation and Army List scores; the latter will include points for articulating through background, fiction, or other means why the two armies are allied. no other restrictions limiting army allegiance is in place.


•Armies must consist primarily of Citadel Miniatures.

•Models must follow the “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) principle, meaning all weapons, wargear, upgrades, etc must be recognizably represented on the model.

•Forge World/Imperial Armour may only be used where they represent 'codex' options (vehicle doors/upgrades/weapons choices).


•Rulings of Event Moderators are final.

•Poor, argumentative or disruptive conduct will result in discharge from participation.

•Players will be given periodic time updates, and will in turn ensure 1) each side completes equal number of turns; 2) each round is completed before time is called by a moderator; and 3) each game sees a reasonable number of turns completed to ensure a fair result (generally four--any round in which at least four turns are not completed by both sides will be carefully scrutinized by moderators and any Doubles team involved in multiple rounds of such conduct may be subject to discharge if it is determined they are intentionally 'sandbagging').


• Both players on a Doubles Team perform movement, Shooting and Assault phases jointly, but are--unless noted following--separate armies for any game rules. They are allied but independent. Special rules affecting entire armies or the equivalent should be read as affecting only the controlling player's portion of the team (An Ork Player's Waagh! will affect only his orks, for example, even if he is allied with another Ork Player). The common rulebook or codex phrase "All friendly models" should be read to mean "All models in the controlling player's army" for this Doubles event.

•Characters from one team member's army may not begin a game attached to units from his teammate's army but may, in the course of play, join an allied army unit if said unit meets the conditions allowing it to do so. Any such joined character/unit combination is restricted by whichever is lesser as regards movement, special rules, etc, subject to the normal Universal Special Rules conventions.

•Special or named Characters are allowed subject to any specific rules limiting that character's participation. The Doubles team point total of 1500 is used to determine points-related eligibility. No team may duplicate any Special or named Character, even as a template for a renamed/DIY army. If a Character alters Force Organization, classification of scoring-vs-nonscoring, etc, this applies only to the controlling team member's army *unless* both team members are fielding the same type army (both Ultramarines, for example), choose to have it affect the entire force and so declare to their opponents ( if one team member chose Belial then both team members could field Deathwing armies, for example).

•Chaos Icons, Teleport Homers/Locator Beacons, etc , affect only the controlling team member's army.

•Black Templar team members must select an Emperor's Champion. If both players on a team play Black Templars, each must select their own.

Force Organization PER DOUBLES TEAM:

H.Q.: 2 (1 Each)
Troop: 2-6 (1 Each Minimum)
Elite: 0-3
Fast Attack: 0-3
Heavy Support: 0-3

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