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Monday, January 4, 2010

Lone Star Dallas: Avatar Painting Contest

Hey Everyone, just got done with another painting contest. This was for the Lone Star Dallas Avatar Contest. It was to show off the guy that represents your army on the field of battle. I entered 3 times :D Yeah I know... But they had 3 categories, Warhammer Fantasy, so I put in the Blood Thirster, then 40k and I put in my Wraithlord, and then Purchased Models, and this was ones that had been purchased with a receipt, so pretty much 3 weeks to buy build and paint. And for that one I converted Pedro Kantor into a Deathwatch Marine Captain. Look below for some more pics of the conversion and the model.

So here are all the bits I used for Pedro. You can see I'm using a different backpack so I can put a new banner on him. I also was able to get my hands on a Death Watch Shoulder pad (which was a little bit of a beating)

So Deathwatch fluff says that when a marine serves his time in the Deathwatch he takes his left shoulder pad and moves it over to the right side, leaving it painted in it's original state to keep the machine spirit of the armor happy. Well with Kantor that's kind of a pain considering it was attached to his arm. I ended up sawing it off, and then taking my drill and drilling out the rest of the arm from the shoulder pad.

So here's the right shoulder pad, the one that needs to be replaced with his left. I had considered sawing the arm off again, but it was starting to mess up the armor as I got going. So I needed up pulling out my wire clippers and drill. It took me about 3 hours to get off enough to be able to place the other pad on there.

Here you can see how I green stuffed the arms and pads back together. Note green stuff doesn't actually hold things in place, so after the green stuff had dried the arms were a bit wobbly, so I pulled them off and used super glue to actually glue them onto the body.

First time trying white as a base coat, I was actually really happy with what it did for my colors, but man was it a pain repainting everything black.

Here are pictures of the final model. For the banner I ended up printing a banner off the internet and painting over it. I'm very happy with the way the model turned out.

And I'm sure you're wondering what the final results were, well here's the list of the winners :D

•Best Overall Avatar: Mark, Chaos Space Marines Lord of Khorne
•Best Warhammer Avatar: Michael, Chaos Daemon Bloodthirster of
•Best 40K Avatar: Josh, Chaos Space Marines Lucius the
•Best Youngblood Avatar: Brady, Tyranid Red Terror
•Best Store-Purchased Entry: (name unknown), Deathwatch Space Marine

So for some reason they didn't take down my name when I dropped off my DW Kantor but here's the proof of me building him ;)

*Last Names have been removed to respect everyone's privacy on the Internets :P


  1. Well I suppose since the pics are posted it did happen... but only barely ;)

    Looks good man, I'm looking forward to fielding some DeathWatch marines again. Hope they come out soon.

  2. That's a great Pedro Kantor conversion. Very cool, and great pics!