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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Letting Go: A Chaos Story

So this is always a hard and difficult topic for a lot of people. I know it is for me, but as I start my third army and I'm wrapping up getting 5k of painted eldar I look back and see my original chaos army there sitting on the shelf, something it has been doing for almost 7 years now. I broke it out when I first started playing again oh 2 years ago but then I quickly started collecting my eldar army and haven't looked back.

Now I'm starting my Grey Knights army, I know I know... why get into something with a codex older then the Chaos one, well they just seem more interesting to me, and with rumors swirling around about them coming out soon I feel like it would be a great next army for me.

So what to do about the Chaos, do I leave them on the shelf collecting dust and hope that one day I'll be interested in them, or do I move on and sell them? I know that I can't maintain multiple armies and how does one decide from day to day which army to play. I've loved playing my Eldar army and I think that GKs will be fun too and starting an army from new will be interesting being able to try out new painting techniques I've learned over the years.

So what do you guys think? Should I leave them boxed up or let them go and if one day chaos become interesting again I can start anew?



  1. Keep one model... you'll wish you did later on when you can look back and see how you used to paint.

    Then either strip them and repaint into something you like or let them go to someone else who will. It's what I do.

  2. I say keep them. Unless they are current models, you will not get enough money buy selling them to make it worthwhile, and you never know when you might need a loaner army for a friend to learn with, or to get them into the game without them spending a ton of money.(this may be why I have nearly every army.)

    You may find someone willing to trade you for GKs, then they will have a good home, and you will expand your GK force.

    Like Ron,I think you should at least photograph some of the models, if you decide to part with them.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. Oh trust me, there are a couple of models that I'll never get rid of, but there a few that pain me to look at too lol... I've actually already got most of the GK army, I just have to put it together but I'm holding off till I finish painting the last few Eldar Toys I have or I fear I'll never do that. But yes, I plan on always keeping at least two armies, just to be able to have a friend over and play.


  4. I say if you have the space you should keep them. You never know when you'll feel like trying to overthrow the false emperor. Also, you can use it for a training army, get some others interested in the hobby.