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Thursday, March 4, 2010

6th Ed Wish Listing

So here's a fun one again, more of a rant of things I'd like to see changed then anything... but I guess that's what all wish listing is isn't it :D

Now there have been those threads popping up for the past couple months of what people would like to see in the next edition. Now I'm not saying that I'm ready for a new edition, and I'd be more then happy if they waited a year or 2 after all the codexes had been updated before a New Edition. But these are just a couple of the things that I personally would like to see made different in the next one.

I'll go ahead and Break it Down by phases so that it's a nice fun walk through experience :D

1. I would like to see movement stats for ever model. So that some models might only move 4"s and then some might move 6" ect. I think this would give the game a much more interesting motion as you would actually have races that were faster then others without having to give up shooting or something else.

2. I think there should be armor saves for dangerous terrain. It's dangerous but is it more dangerous then being shot at?

1. True Line of Site needs some work, I think it's find it strange that you can shoot at something that you can only see it's finger, this makes hiding models and using terrain almost impossible.

2. I also think that all units should be able to split fire, it is very ridiculous to think that you wouldn't use that missile launcher on the tank and shoot the machine guns at the guys running at you. So I propose that all units can declare a primary target, if they pass a LD test they then may also shoot at a different target, if it is failed then the unit must shoot all of it's weapons at the primary target.

3. Heavy weapons should be able to shoot on the move, as it is Heavy Weapons make squads to be a very static gunline. I propose that if the squad has moved Heavy Weapons may shoot with their range halved.

4. Cover Saves are something that I think are a little to powerful right now... you get all these cheap point models on the table with a 6+ save and all of a sudden my weapons don't do anything because they're all in 4+ cover or giving themselves 4+ cover. I think what needs to be done with this is just subtract 1 from all of the cover saves.

5. Moral Checks should have modifiers. I remember the days when units would run from being shot at, now they mostly sit there on the table. I think a minus 1 to LD for every 25% your unit is from it's original would be appropriate.

6. Pinning Checks should be taken at -1 LD.

1. Why is it that troops get an extra move in the assault phase if they are in range of a target, this being from 6-12 inches? I think every should be able to make an assault move during the assault phase to keep things more dynamic, unless of course it shot a heavy weapon or something like that.

2. I think there should be different AP values for Close Combat weapons. Why is it that I can melt a tank with a melta weapon but that same guy can shove the gun in someones face and pull the trigger? Assault is just a little unbalancing right now.

3. I'd also like to see a defenders volley... pass a LD test and you may shoot at the chargers. To often does the assaulter get to shoot, and charge giving them two attacks a turn, I think this would at least give the defenders a chance.

1. I think vehicles should be able to move and shoot more... Look at modern day tanks, they can move 40+ miles an hour and shoot all of there weapons, why is it tanks of the future can not move and shoot?

2. I think it's way to easy to control a tank right now. Why is it that you can shoot and shoot and a MC and do wounds and the next turn it can Move/Shoot/Assault as normal but a vehicle get's stunned loses weapons becomes immobilized and can be destroyed in one shot.

Sample Chart
1. Shrugged Off - Vehicle Continues as Normal shrugging off the Hit.
2. Shaken - The vehicle may only fire 1 weapon this turn.
3. Stunned - The vehicle may not move, and may only fire a single defensive weapon.
4. Weapon Destroyed - The Controlling player may choose which weapon is destroyed.
5. Immobilized - The vehicle counts as immobilized, roll at the start of your turn, on a 6 your vehicle is no longer immobile.
6. Destroyed - The vehicle has taken lethal damage, and is destroyed all occupants must test for pinning. Roll a die, on a 5+ the vehicle explodes, everyone takes a wound on a 4+ and counts as rending on a 6, the occupants take a pinning check at -3.

I think the chart above gives a bit more believability to the game and would be more fair to play.

Monstrous Creatures
1. I think these guys are absolutely amazing... to amazing in fact, and yes I've thought this before the new Nid Dex came out. I think that they should have a Chart much like vehicles do, and for those who argue it'd slow things down, it really woundn't :P

So the idea is that everytime a MC take a wound you roll on the chart.

Sample Chart
1. Wounded - The MC simply takes a wound and keeps on going.
2. Grievous Wound - The creature moves as if in Difficult Terrain until the end of the controlling players turn.
3. Bleeder - The creature has suffered a horrible wound that won't stop bleeding, it acts as if in Difficult and Dangerous Terrain as any movement it makes rips the wound open further.
4. Shell Shocked - The creature may not shoot any weapons until the end of the controlling players turn.
5. Missing a Limb - The creature has been hit so hard that one of it's limbs has been torn from it's body, the controlling player removes a weapon from the creature and it is considered pinned until the start of the players next turn.
6. Bloody Mess - The creature has been practically turned into a pile of gore it takes an additional wound and is pinned until the players next turn. Roll a die, on a 5+ instead of receiving just 1 extra wound it receives a D3 extra wounds, and is also treated as if receiving the roll Missing a Limb.

Victory Conditions
1. Take out KPs and make VPs the default victory condition for annihilation games.

2. For Control Point Missions, track control of objectives through out the game. At the end of every game turn see who is in control of what objectives, for every objective that the player controls they receive 1 point, at the end of the game add up the points and the player that controlled the most the longest wins. This would keep players from just grabbing objectives at the last minute and so forth.

Well that's all I have to say on my Wishlisting for now, I'm sure there are plenty more things out there that I'd like to see but I can't think of the at the moment ;)

Let me know what your ideas are and maybe we'll see some of them in the next edition.



  1. As I've stated before i wouldn't mind some folks like IG lead by Commissars being allowed to fire into CC.

    Other then that my wish for 6th ed, is wait 5 years

  2. You've got a bunch of neat ideas. I'm a fan of firing heavies at half range while moving (and the precident was set in the old Deathwatch rules).

    The changes I would like to see made are:

    - Mech shouldn't be the only viable army type. This can be countered by raising the price of vehicles, reducing the amount of "extra armor" they can buy and/or removing their ability to leverage cover saves (hull down could be reinstated as a -1 to the damage chart).

    - Sniper rifles (and pinning weapons in general) need some love. Snipers should be able to hit on 2+ (seeing as they're aiming through scopes), and potentially wound more than 50% of the time. Another option is to simply tone down the number of units that are fearless--as they're completely immune to pinning.

    - More missions (but this will be addressed in the upcoming missions book). The existing missions are fine, but with only three, they get very repetitive and easy to engineer a list around. If there are more missions of various types, it will promote balanced armies.

  3. I agree on the pinning weapons- they need something to make them more useful. Maybe making it that for each unsaved wound the pinning test is taken at -1 Ld (though that would make Stubborn and Fearless even more ridonculous than they already are...)

    I also think that cover saves should be a modification of what you need to hit. So cover= +1 to the number needed to hit. This would also fix the fluff problem of cover+armor= only armor if it is better than the cover... I mean, a space marine hiding behind a rock should be harder to hit, right?

  4. What's this about a new edition? I haven't finished learning the rules for 5ed yet. When's 6ed due out?

  5. @ Mad Pat - Yeah I agree, maybe all units being able to do so at a -2 LD test or something.

    @ Warhammer39999 - I don't think armor needs to be raised though, I think for alot of things, Eldar in particual it's already expensive enough espeically after they lowered it for IG. I think being able to Move and Shoot Heavies would help alot to compensate for Armor, and being able to shoot into assaulters would give you a chance to shoot those termies before they charged out of a LR

    Sniper Rifles I totally agree with, as it is they are practically useless.

    Missions missions yup and I've got my book on the way :D

    @ Max - Not to bad an Idea, I wouldn't mind that and I agree with the to Hit Modifiers but I think that'd be to big of an Idea to introduce into 40k at the moment.

    @ Col. Corbane - No no, no new Edition on the horizon, just talking about things I'd like to see different :D