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Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Shrinking Table of 40k

It seems to me there is a growing problem in 40k... well to be more accurate a shrinking problem. It seems that as newer and newer Codices come out the table get's smaller and smaller.

I played a game against my good friend Nick yesterday and after usually arguments I noticed something else. His Nids literally took up almost every single spot on the table, it was just a giant swarm of bugs rushing my way. Now granted we were playing a 2.5k game but still, I remember when you used to be able to play a game that size and Eldar could still maneuver around.

But now a days I'm finding it harder and to move around the table, especially in games of 2k and above. I as an Eldar player seem to get corned and locked down. But how you might ask when you've got 24" move on all your vehicles. Well it's quite simple it the opponent has his men through out the rest of the board, there is no where to move to.

I've seen this before, where there's no where to move to, but when someone has 70+ models running across the board straight at you, deep striking and infiltrating there's just no where left to go. So what I would like to try out one of these days is maybe playing a game on a 6x8 board.

I know that sounds crazy... but I think it's needed these days, anything past 2k should be on a larger board... otherwise it all just starts getting bogged down.

What do you guys think?



  1. I say test it out. Play a few games on the 6x8 and let us know what you think. I have three 4x8 tables in my game room and the extra 2 feet enables people to lay out their rule books and dead models, but we have played the entire table many times and loved the extra space. I can only imagine what a 6 foot deep table would add to the game, although reaching your arms across will be more of a challenge.

  2. Yeah that is really the downside lol... i would of course adjust the missions by adding 12 inches to the deployments so you'd have 24 in pitched battle and 36 in dawn of war.