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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Grey Knight Escalation League Army Buildup

So this really has been a long time coming, about 4 months ago I won a painting contest over at Hobby Town USA Dallas, and picked up a box of Grey Knight Terminators. They were really nice and couldn't wait for me to start blogging about them.

Well it's taken me a while to get to the point of building them (wanting to finish my eldar army, and had a heck of a time choosing what bases to use) but the time has finally come to get them going. I ended up getting my bases from DragonForge.com let's just say I was pleased with how they look.

To move the story along, I started on the Grey Night Terminator Brother Captain today, who will be leading my Escalation Force. For this army I wanted to do things right, and to do that I needed the tools.

So here are my Tools. You might be asking yourself, why in the Emperors name does he need a power drill. Well it's quite simple. My Grey Knights can take different kinds of weapons, and instead of buying a bunch of GKs and glueing all the weapons on, I've decided to magnetize them.

To do this I find where the two part line up, it's quite easy with the GKs as there's a nub on the body and a hole in the arm, I snip off the num and start the hole there with the pin drill. Then I take my 1/8 inch drill, and power drill it out even wider, and boy does the power help save some time.

After that it's simply putting the Magnet in the body, and making sure that you're putting all the Magnets in the same way so that they are interchangeable. You don't want any of the magnets swapped on polarization as then they'll repel not attach.

With the body done, I then simply used my power drill to widen the holes that were already in the arms. Glued some magnets in and boom, now my Brother Captain can have 3 different arms, and once I'm done with all the other Termies all of there arms an weapons will be interchangable.

With this model started I'll get to working on some Power Armor GKs later today or tomorrow. It should be exciting, but I've also been working on another secret project for the latest Hobby Town Painting Contest. Expect to see some sneak peaks of that next week ;)


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