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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What are the Grey Knights

Grey Knights are the last stand against the greatest enemy of the emporium, Chaos. Rumored to have the Geneseed of the Emperor himself, these warriors are without a doubt the greatest of all the Space Marines. And yet in all of there greatness mankind knows nothing of them for they are the fighting force, the defenders of the Inquisition, Ordo Malleus.

Like many Space Marine chapters the Grey Knights recruit from other worlds, to be trained to fight the Spawns of Chaos. But unlike other chapters the every Grey Knight is a psyker, this ability being the strongest defense against Chaos. Through rigurous training all Grey Knights have there minds wiped of all of there memories and experiences before reaching Knighthood and receiving the sacred power armor.

What does it mean to be a Grey Knight? It means that you are the only and last defense against the fall of the Empire. It means that no matter the odds you can not, and will not fail in your duties. It means that the sacrifice of yourself or a brother at arm to defend mankind is the greatest thing you will ever do.

On paper a Grey Knight should be stronger, tougher, better, and of course more expensive then any other chapter out there. A Grey Knight smiles and laughs in the face of the Daemons that would make other Chapter Marines wet there armor. Blood Angels ask their Chaplains to check the closet before they go to bed. Grey Knights spit in the closet and yell "Come get SOME!"

Seeing as how most of all the other chapters have received some updating, I thought it would be fun to put out there what I think a Grey Knight should look like on paper.

Grey Knights
________________Pts.__ WS_ BS_ S_ T_ W_ I_ A_ Ld__ Sv
Grey Knight _______45___ 5___ 4_ 5_ 5__ 2_ 5_ 2__ 9__ 3+
Grey Knight Justicar_ 75___ 6___ 4_ 5_ 5__ 2_ 5_ 3__ 10_ 3+

Number/Squad: 1 Grey Knight Justicar and 4-9 Grey Knights

Weapons: Storm bolter and nemesis force weapon

Options: Up to two models may replace there weapons for a psycannon for +25 points, or an incenerator at +10 points.

Special Rules

Feel no Pain

True Grit - Storm Bolters counts as a single handed close combat weapon.

The Aegis - The armor worn by Grey Knights is inscribed in prayers before each battle to protect the wearer from the psychic abilities of chaos. Any power that would affect a Grey Knight may be ignored on a d6 roll of 4+.

The Shrouding - The combined psychic prayers of Grey Knights are focussed in battle to constantly confuse and wrong-foot their enemies, blinding their corrupted senses with the shining light of their faith and resolution. All enemies wishing to target Grey Knights must roll 2d6 and multiply the results by 2. Use the results to determine the maximum distance the enemy can see for targeting the Grey Knights.

The Shrouding also confers protection in close combat as the prayers of the Grey Knights will hinder enemies as they become dazed and confused. Count each model with The Shrouding ability as having Assault and Defensive Grenades.

Rites of Exorcism - The very presence of the Grey Knights brings the presence of the God Emperor himself to the battlefield. Any enemy psykers making a psychic test must do so at -1 to there Leadership.

Nemesis Force Weapons - In close combat these weapons add +2 to the Strength of the model bearing it. Justicars also treat theirs as Power Weapons.

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