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Friday, March 12, 2010

Battle Missions

So yesterday I had my first chance to see inside the book and play a couple missions.

First off there are 33 missions in the book, 3 for each race and 3 special missions. They are all different in slight ways be it deployment, special rules or something else.

But what I like the most is the flavor of the missions fit very well with the race they are to represent, be it chaos raids or Tyranids crawling out from the wood works.

We ended up going for complete randomness just to get into the book. Just so happened to be a Tyranid Mission and I was facing them with my Eldar. The mission was First Contact. Basically the non nid player has to randomly place all of his army on the board which has been divided into 6ths. And the center of each 2x2 section is an objective.

From there the nids randomly come on from the edges of these 2x2 sections and the game commenses. It was great fun, not lining up and facing off but actually having to play fluidly.

The second mission was the Space Marine mission All Round Defense - it's one objective, smack dab in the middle, and the player gets to put everything there and you have to beat your way into it. Well turned out I was the attack and Nids the defender. So I reserved my entire army... to keep them off the board as long as possible, and then stayed along the edges drawing him out to me. And then turn 5 rolled around and I went screaming for the objective. Only problem was the game didn't end lol... So sixth turn was him trying to beat his way back into the center, but with everything moving flat out he wasn't able to do so and the game ended that turn.

Once again, a very original game and took a much different play style then you on one side and me on the other as all the board edges where both players board edge.

If you've not picked it up, and you're considering it, go to your LGS and borrow a copy and play a game. You'll have a blast, so then you'll need to pick it up and play it at home.


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