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Monday, March 8, 2010

Green Stuff Molds

So on Tips and Tricks today we're going to talk about Green Stuff Molds. This has got to be one of the easiest ways to replicate a missing part, or simply add a few more for conversions.

I had ran across a blog a couple weeks ago of someone doing one sided Green Stuff Molds to add bits and pieces to their vehicles. That got me think, how hard would it be to do a double sided mold with green stuff.

Now with necessity being the mother of invention, and a reason for me to actually do anything, had to be there for me to even try this out. The problem was that I wanted to make a couple units of Storm Guardians. I don't know how many of yall are familiar with the box sets for them, but they only come in a box of 8, but require a minimum of 10 to run.

So if an effort to make a couple squads I bought 3 boxes, this gives you 24 more men, that's good for 8 with pistol and cc, 2 with flamer, 2 with metla. But the boxes only came with 1 flamer and melta each... so I needed at least 1 more of each of these.

Well after getting on the interwebs, and finding some of these I was able to get my hands on a couple more cc and pistols. But not quite enough to make another set. So after trying to get my hands on some more I came up empty handed.

Now this brings us to the fun part. Instead of buying another Box of men, (4 boxes to make 3 squads along with buying additional stuff online) I decided that'd I'd do it myself.

So first step is to layout some green stuff on something it won't stick to, I used Wax paper and it did a great job. To keep the weapons from sticking in the GS I used a little PAM, that's right the non-stick cooking spray. It works wonders.

With the GS sprayed press the weapon in about halfway and let dry for a couple hours (overnight is best) Also make sure to put a couple extra holes in there to create a guide for the top half of the mold.

After it's been dried, you might check to make sure you can pull the weapons back out. Because the last thing you want to do is loose the bits you have ;)

With a little extra PAM cover up the weapons and bottom half with a new blob of Green Stuff, and once again let dry over night, or about 8 hours.

With the two pieces dried, you should be able to peel back the top half and pry out the weapons. You can see here that the top half now has nubs that will fit in the holes on the bottom half so it locks together.

With both pieces dried prepare some more Green Stuff, spray both sides with PAM, and places the GS in the bottom or top filling it up so that both sides will adequately be filled. Press the two pieces together applying plenty of force, working from the center out. And again let it dry :)

After it's good and dry, peel off the top and you'll see the new forms created.

Pull out the new weapons and you'll see that they have a bit of extra Green Stuff from there being to much in the Mold, this is ok because all you need to do is a little extra trimming.

A little exacto work and boom, I've got a couple extra weapons I can now use for my Storm Guardians. I know I know that this might seem ethical to some, but I'm not reproducing them for re-sale, and they do not have the quality for re-sale either, as they have a couple issues with them. But they will be perfect for some table top games. And is a great way to get your hands on a couple bits you can't get any other way.