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Monday, March 15, 2010

TGR Escalation League - Week 2

So things are in full swing, we've had about 12 out of 28 or so players report games during the first week. Games were played throughout all of last week and over the weekend. Some people only got one game in but it looks like the majority played 3 or more games (only the first 3 counted). Personally I played CoolKidRoc for my first game and I was like his 6th opponent for the day.

All things considered things seem to be moving along quite well with the league. Even had a couple late sign ups on Thursday and they got in a game then as well. Everyone seems to be having a good time and enjoying the league's first scenario. Speaking of which Scenario 2 is posted for the 750 point scale.

I do urge the players to make sure they note their wins/loss at the front counter. I know we had a couple people play that doesn't appear to have made it on the score sheet. So make sure that gets done and in order.

Glad everyone is having fun and hope to continue this into week 3 and beyond. Stay tuned for more of my escalation army build up. Also check out www.thegamersrealm.com for more up to date info and also Jack Salva's Army build up.

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  1. Yup yup, and you got that lucky one shot in on my Land Raider :P I can't believe you did that lol.

    Well I can't wait to see the next posting, and I'm interested to see how my GKs scale. I got the rest of the bits in for my LR, just need those doors from you now :P