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Saturday, March 13, 2010

My "Mighty Beast" Teaser

So here it is, the Mighty Beast I've been working on. No not my Kantor Conversion but that giant tzeentch turkey. Hehe... so you can see this was the rough starting stage. Everything is pinned together, and I do mean everything. I had the unfortunant accident of tipping it over when I had simply glued it and it shattered. So I then spent the next day pinning the entire model so that I could throw it against a wall and walk away with it still in one piece.

The entire model has a single electrical wire running through it. This wire is very strong and does not bend very easily making it the perfect option for connecting all of the pieces together and using it to build up on.

As usual feel free to click on a picture to see it larger ;)

I then started to green stuff the chaos power coming out from the ground. This was really my first experience with working with green stuff as a modeling medium.

A closer image showing the chaos power twirling up around out of the ground about to burst through the chaos lords body.

Here you can see some of that energy escaping from the powerfist and forming a chaos spawns arm as the raw power of Chaos rips out from the ground.

Here you can see the larger image, I also ended up green stuffing around the wings to fill in the gaps.

Here that chaos power is bursting from the chaos lord and wrapping around the leg of the Lord of Change, from which the lord of change is actually being formed.

Another picture, with some of the chest plate being ripped open to let the powers of chaos out.

A closer up picture, showing the powers of chaos. I found that the key to working with green stuff was keeping a bowl of water next to you and constantly re-wetting your hands, tools and the green stuff to keep it from sticking.

With the model being so tall it was very top heavy with a very low center of gravity causing it to tip over constantly. So I went and got a bunch of fish weights, snipped them in half and used a hammer to squish them down enough to fit the base. It helps alot.

I then used some cement spackle to add even more wait to the bottom of the model. With this down the center of gravity is actually over halfway up the model making it much more stable.

Here's an Image of it primed. I was very excited to get to this point as it was almost a week getting there. I used new Krylon Primer, and found that you have to shake it very very very well before using otherwise it leaves little strings of paint. Luckily I found this out on a test model and not this one ;) But the primer worked better then GWs white and was not grainy at all.

So with it primed I've started painting. I'm hoping to get it done this weekend and I'll have more pictures once it's done. And then I still have the miniataur I'm going to paint for the contest. It's going to be a busy week but I hope you enjoyed the pictures.


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  1. pinning the entire model so that I could throw it against a wall and walk away with it still in one piece
    Oh yeah, I know that one!

    Looking good and I love the little details!