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Monday, March 22, 2010

TGR Escalation League - Scenario 2

Warhammer 40k Escalation League Scenario 2: Survival
(Cycle 2 – 750 points)

Background: Having established a beach head on the planet, reinforcements begin to bolster these forces. However, the planet itself seems to be taking exception to the arrival of so many newcomers and the very terrain begins to turn against the armies. Now, not only are there unknown enemies lurking at every turn trying to kill them, but the very ground upon which each faction moves is attacking them as well.

Reports are finally beginning to come in as to where the Rogue Trader may have gone. Also there are hints of something strange about the planet beyond its bizarre architecture. As each faction struggles to survive, the soldiers on the ground notice the planet trying to herd them away from certain areas.

Each faction must struggle against both enemy and planet as they begin to pierce the veil of secrecy around what is happening. The only question remaining is can they survive long enough to get answers?

Set-Up: A 4’ x 4’ table is used in this scenario. A total of 2d6 +3 pieces of terrain should be placed on the table by the players, alternating back and forth between the selected items. Players should agree on the type of each terrain piece before game play begins.

Force Organization: The standard force organization rules are used with the following modifications:
- Headquarters: Players must take 1 choice
- Troops: Players are only required to have 1 choice

Mission Objective: The object is to survive with the greatest amount of points intact.

Special Rules: All terrain is considered dangerous terrain. The rules for Dangerous Terrain on page 14 of the rulebook apply. For vehicles, see the rules on page 57 under Terrain Effects.

Deployment: Special. The board is divided diagonally and opposite corners selected as deployment zones. The far corner of each deployment zone has a 12” square that cannot be used for deployment. There is also a 12” strip down the diagonal – 6” on either side of the midline – that cannot be used for deployment. (See the picture below.)

Victory Conditions: The game lasts the standard length (5 turns with checks to see if it runs to 7). At the conclusion of the last turn, each side counts the number of points left alive in their army. (For scoring purposes immobilized vehicles and fleeing troops are not considered alive.) The player with the highest number of points left is the winner. If both players have the same number of points left, then the player with the most units left is the winner. If both players have the same number of units, then the player with the highest single point model remaining is the winner. If there is a tie once more, the player who went first is the winner.

Previous Winner Advantages: Any player who is a ‘member’ of the winning team* from Cycle 1 enjoys the following advantages during the game:
Prior to deployment, but after sides have been selected, a single piece of terrain can be moved anywhere on the board. If both players are on the winning team then the player who is designated to go first in the game moves the first piece of terrain and then the second player moves a piece.

Any player who is considered to be a winner from Cycle 1 has the following advantages:
Once per turn, a single unit may re-roll a dangerous terrain test. If a re-roll is used, all models in the unit re-roll and the second roll is used even if the results are worse.

* The teams are:
Team 1: Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Witch Hunters
Team 2: Chaos Space Marines, Dark Eldar, Orks
Team 3: Daemonhunters, Eldar, Tau
Team 4: Chaos Daemons, Necrons, Tyranids

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