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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My "Mighty Beast" The Lord of Change

Hey Everyone, I present to you my "Mighty Beast" 40k Entry for the Hobby Town painting contest. As you can see it's a dreaded Chaos Daemon, the Lord of Change bursting forth from the body of a Tzeentch Chaos Lord. This model was a blast to work on, and I'm sure there are still hours that I could spend on it, but at this point I'm calling it done. For my sanity and because I purchased a miniataur a couple weeks ago for the same contest and it's still laying in little plastic pieces.

I think the hardest thing about this model was getting all of the base colors down on it. I have always found throwing base colors on models to be very tedious and boring and with this model it was no different. After trying out one color scheme on the wings, I decided that I didn't quite have the talent to pull it off and ended up priming over it and starting over again. Luckily things went rather smoothly after that but it still took about 3 nights to actually base color.

With the base colors down, I took a heavy black ink and inked the entire model, everything that was blur, grey, green and so on. I did not black in the flesh tones or the white canvas but instead used a regal blue paint, thinned it greatly in water and used it as an ink, and did the same with a couple different browns on the skin until I got it a color I was happy with.

With the ink down, I then gradually started working on dry brushing the rest of the model. Working with Light Greys and Up, and then Light Blues and up. It was interesting how difficult it was to plan out where to work with this model as Dry Brushing the stones meant I'd get grey on the primordial chaos of the ground and vise versa. I ended up getting it worked out and continued on my way.

With all of the dry brushing done it was time to add the small details, the stones, the silver trim on the garments, the eyes, mouth, teeth, and talons. The entire model probably ended up taking me 40-60 hours to complete over a three week period of time. I could have probably gotten in done in about a week and a half, but with the learning curve of green stuff and waiting for items to dry it just took a while.

I hope you guys enjoy the model, and like everyone entering the contest I'm hoping to pull off a win ;)

But with this one done, it's time to start working on my fantasy entry as it's due this weekend... hurry hurry... luckily it won't be as extravagant as this one.


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